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Individual Coaching

Amara provides support for individuals keen to develop their leadership capacity independently or as part of an organisational programme.
We offer an opportunity for individuals who are, themselves or their organisation, facing a major challenge or transition. We pay equal attention to their personal leadership development and the concrete issues they are responsible for. Our approach takes a long term perspective, which is appropriate to the way human development unfolds and the realisation of deeply held ambitions and potential.

We deepen the coaching experience by providing the option for profiling using the Global Leadership Profile (GLP) and our practices developed around Inquiry-in-Action.This is provided through completing the Global Leadership Profile that gives a reliable estimate of the stage of development or centre of gravity action logic. The debriefing session usually results in clarity about the next steps that a period of developmental coaching might assist or other intentionally planned experiences, guided reading or taking on new challenges might be indicated.

GLP and 3 x 1-Hour Online Coaching Sessions

We offer the Global Leadership Profile (GLP) with  a one hour debrief session and a further 3 x  1-hour online coaching sessions. The GLP profile will help you understand your action logic centre of gravity and offer insight for your leadership development journey and development plan we will design together during the coaching programme.

GLP with Debrief and 4 x 1.5 Hours Coaching

We offer Global Leadership Profile with one hour debrief and 4 x 1.5 hours online coaching as a package. This unique package is designed for people wanting to set a clear direction for their leadership development and with coaching assistance start a significant journey towards reaching your goals.

4 x 1.5 Hours Online Coaching Package

We offer 4 x 1.5 hours online coaching as a package for people wanting to set a clear direction for their leadership development and with coaching assistance start a significant journey towards reaching your goals.

Our Approach: Developmental Coaching

Our approach to developmental coaching is holistic, embracing both long and short term perspectives of an individual’s functioning. As well as supporting more effective leadership and management behaviours, developmental coaching equally works to surface the mindsets driving behaviours. These are often entangled with assumptions and the stories we tell ourselves without checking them out. The GLP profiling helps to point towards the biases we have and the patterns and habits of thoughts we all develop. It is the combined focus on behaviour and thinking that enables adult development towards greater maturity.

The intention of developmental coaching is to nurture transformational capacity which is developed by a multi-faceted integral approach to both who we are and what we do. The outcome of developing transformational leadership capacity is to handle more uncertainty and complexity with greater resilience and collaboration with others. Development from a transforming perspective starts form the assumption captured by Bill Torbert –“We cannot predict the future, but we can transform ourselves to better meet it”.

The Amara Way illustrates our approach to coaching that considers the three territories of transformational action: commitment to individual learning, developing mutual power in relationships with others to achieve effective collaboration and then to move skillfully and act with insight and understanding of systems.

Our clients say they value our intuitive and grounded presence as well as our capacities for attentive listening, clear and honest feedback, responding in the moment to what’s needed, including advice and appropriate resources. They make explicit the importance of trust, commitment and the perceptiveness that we offer.

We offer coaching in English, Finnish and Swedish.

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