Amara Events

We offer a set of yearly open Amara events and events in collaboration with other organisations and partners, upon request. We design each event and choose the facilitators with care, to match the developmental needs and interest of the group at hand. All our events are done in the spirit of inquiry, in a experiential learning environment and participants express their experience as powerful and transformational.

Amara is one of three organisations credited to offer a GLP certification workshop. We arrange one each year in the Nordic region and are open to invitations to offer it in partnership in other corners of the world as well. Contact us for partnering with the GLP certification workshop or any other event.

GLP Workshop 2020

Amara Collaboration with it’s co-founder and author of the Global Leadership Profile Bill Torbert, in collaboration with Global Leadership Associates (GLA) offer this unique 3-day workshop for business leaders, consultants, coaches and researchers…

GLP Advanced 2019-20

The Advanced Certification Programme in the practice of developmental action inquiry and applications of the GLP framework

Amara Keynote on Creativity at Forum Virium

Heidi Gutekunst will give a Keynote on Creativity being the resource for a business at the Forum Viriums Mobile Sprint.

Matrix Essentials for Professionals

The 1st Ever Matrix Essential in Europe — London, UK, hold together with Amara Collaboration. This 4-day workshop will give you a set of practices to generate the capacity to actually function as an interconnected self-organising system.


Amara’s very own Heidi Gutekunst became earlier this year the Country Manager of the Women’s Board Award of Finland. Women’s Board Award is an international competence award with the purpose to give spotlight to female Board Chair candidates and promoting more women to Chair positions to establish a generation shift in boards. The 2019 Women’s … Continued

What are Amara workshops like? See how the participants experienced the Action Inquiry and Global Leadership Profile workshop in Helsinki 2018.

Bill Torbert tells you how GLP (Global Leadership Profile) can help you in your every day work life what are the benefits.


The Global Leadership Profile Certification workshop in Helsinki, May 2017, was a life changing experience for me. The atmosphere that Jane and Heidi were able to evoke in the group was very special. It was truly living the transformational leadership in action, where every moment was a place for self-reflection and sensing, when to take action, and when to be in silence. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone interested in deeper development, and I suggest to engage in the evening activities as well. It was great to have Bill and Elaine on the line as well, as they are the theoretical experts of the GLP. The international group and great venue location at the heart of Helsinki really highlighted this amazing experience.

– Sanna Niemelä, Certifying GLP Coach, Finland

I’ve been learning, practicing and training in the field of organisational development and self-organisation in the UK for 25 years; and after taking the Matrix Leadership course in the US this year I felt compelled to bring it to the UK because I think it brings something new and much-needed. Of the many tools / methodologies / processes I’ve learned, I haven’t found any that build a ground of health in the relational matrix, work with differences, and then rather than differences becoming a source of division, use these differences as a source of collective intelligence and distributed leadership. I find it a deep, thorough, profound and essential addition to a field busy with more superficial quick-fixes.

– Nick Osborne, Evolving Organisation, HolacracyOne, Evolution at Work