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Amara Works Globally, Yet Locally

Amara Collaboration is a social enterprise based in Finland and the UK.

Amara’s purpose is to be a catalyst for doubling the worldwide number of transformational leaders. Amara offers systemic organisational transformation programmes, team coaching, open certification workshops, assessment tools (the GLP and The Leadership Circle 360) and developmental coaching.

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    Do you have an inquiry to us relating to our events, programmes or team? Don’t hesitate to ask us avout our services from info@amara.fi or heidi@amara.fi

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    Want to send us something? Following address is only for letters, packets and postcards please send us mail at:

    Amara Collaboration Oy Ab

    Sandelsinkatu 10 B 30

    00260 Helsinki

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    Please request our billing infromation from  info@amara.fi

    Please note that we don’t process any invoices addressed to our postal address.

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    I work in international software business and on my journey searching for learning about leadership I’ve come across Amara. Within the last six months I’ve participated in two separate Amara workshops and while they’ve provided plenty of great thoughts and techniques – mindfulness training is one of them. Right before the first workshop I read through Bill Torbert’s book Action Inquiry, … Continued

    Leaving home and coming home – its a recurring theme for me at the moment as I write this I’m sitting in the garden of my brothers house in rural Essex, a place where I was brought up till I was eighteen until I went away to university in the north of England. Since then … Continued

    Amara co-founder Heidi Gutekunst describing what Amara is and how we work in Amara, being present through the successes and the challenges of our clients in the developmental journey.