We disrupt the outdated model of consulting

We walk beside the organisation through joyful development and challenging storms.

We disrupt the outdated model of consulting

We walk beside the organisation through joyful development and challenging storms.


Amara Collaboration offers

We walk beside individuals, teams and organisations through their challenges and best intentions. We offer structures and methods to help companies who want to shift their leadership and culture to be smarter with the challenges and opportunities they face. We offer helpful learning processes for teams and individuals to enable a shift to a new level of leading, thinking and acting according to their ambitions.

Organisational Development

We design unique programmes for organisations, their teams and individuals facing major transitions. We work in a close and flexible partnership with the significant leaders always being attentive and respectful to the specific needs, challenges and opportunities emerging.

Individual Development

We provide developmental leadership coaching, mentoring and coach supervision for individuals and teams, that enables leverage to another level of leading, thinking and acting according to their ambitions.


The Global Leadership Profile (GLP) is both a self-assessment and a professionally-scored profile that identifies a person’s developmental leadership action-logic. An 'action logic' is the way we make meaning of ourselves, our relationships and the wider context which then determines our behaviour in both business and everyday life.

Developing transforming leadership – Action Inquiry and the GLP

We are taking our annual Global Leadership Profile (GLP) certification programme online this Summer in a modular form to better serve business leaders and decision-makers, consultants, coaches and researchers and their specific needs.

Free GLP webinar on 7th July
What is Transforming Leadership Capacity and How Do You Develop It? Join Amara’s free Transformational Leadership Webinar on Tuesday, July 7th at 9am CET to learn about the Action Logics, Action Inquiry and hear form two Practitioners who are deploying GLP and Action Inquiry in their work.
Online GLP and Action Inquiry, Module 1 (July)
This is first of three modules, offered in 27th of July -7th of August 2020 focusing on developing transforming leadership through the lenses of Action Inquiry and the GLP. It is offering you tools and methods to accelerate your development.
Strong connection and transforming reflection – experiences from Amara’s first online GLP workshop
What are the GLP and Action Inquiry workshops all about? The newest addition to the Amara team, Maria Lehto, took on the challenge to find out.
The space between stimulus and response
Associate of Amara Collaboration Kirstin Irving considers what it means to draw a line during these exceptional times and how practices of action and inquiry can support timely and transforming leadership.
Your body is calling, are you ready to answer the call? 
How many of us treat our bodies as machines purely to service our work and life? Our bodies reflect not only what’s happening to us, but what is happening around us, and rarely do we notice or consider what it’s telling us. In these times of great uncertainty, and critical decision making we need all the wisdom we can find.
Heidi Gutekunst in Finnish Talk Show Efter Nio
Few years back Heidi Gutekunst was invited to the Efter Nio Talk show of YLE Fem to talk about the just released book Street Smart Awareness and Inquiry-in-Action. Have a look now also available with English subs.
Street Smart Awareness and Inquiry-in-Action
We wrote this book, in the spirit of collaborative inquiry, to offer a gateway through which to start developing your capacities to transform yourself and your sphere of influence for the better. We present practices that are simple and manageable, underpinned by sophisticated techniques that will open up your thinking and acting with potential to enrich your everyday life both at work and beyond.
The HBR Article: Seven Transformations of Leadership
This Article is profound to Amara and you could say it eventually lead Heidi Gutekunst into founding Amara Collaboration together with Bill Torbert and Jane Allen. Developmental Action Inquiry and the GLP are still the base and key framework that Amara Collaboration uses today to increase the amount of transformational leaders.
What is Amara?
Amara co-founder Heidi Gutekunst describing what Amara is and how we work in Amara, being present through the successes and the challenges of our clients in the developmental journey.