Street Smart Awareness and Inquiry-In-Action

People have asked us: “What can I do in practice to develop transformational capacity?”

The models and ideas for developing aware, mature and transforming capacities are well advanced, but the call for action – where leadership is struggling – needs translation into practical application for our everyday and business lives.

In the summer and autumn of 2017 we collaboratively wrote a practical handbook of transformational practices: “Street Smart Awareness and Inquiry-In-Action”. It was launched in January 2018. Read more.

Why develop transformational leadership capacity?

Several recent studies show serious talent management challenges ahead as the business environment is volatile and increasingly uncertain and complex. CEOs worldwide know that a different approach is required to succeed in the future, but few are sure about how to approach it. The majority of companies have not even taken the first step to transform.

One of Amara Collaboration founders is Professor William (Bill) Torbert. During 40 years of research in Harvard, Yale and Boston College, he has shown that only 5% of leaders demonstrate a consistent capacity to innovate and to successfully transform their organisations. Those leaders have developed deep mental, emotional and relational capacities to lead complex, systemic change.

Traditional leadership development focuses on competence development and developing skills – What we know. The emerging trend in leadership development, so-called vertical development, focuses on capacity development and mindset transformation –How we know.


With vertical development,
leaders perform better cross mission-critical domains such as:

Leading transformational change and Inspiring vision

Thinking strategically, systemically and contextually

Reframing challenges and resolving conflicts

Building relationships, collaborating and making mutual decisions

Managing/dealing with uncertainty and creating innovative solutions

Facilitating learning for themselves and others

Reaching integrity between wishes, actions and results

“Very curtain opening experience. The answer is usually in simple things and people. The journey continues… I hope we have a chance to catch up somehow.”

Minna Sainio

“The most valuable thing was the opportunity to discuss leadership from a different and deepening perspective and to reflect on own actions. Thanks for a great experience!”.

Marc Hinnenberg, Aktia Bank

“The most valuable part for me was understanding the action logic levels as a growth path and how everything is connected somehow. Thank you for the trust and support and for sharing your wisdom!”

Pii Leskinen

“Cannot define what was the most valuable, more that everything was”

Sivi Uitto, hasan & parners

“The most valuable was the discussions, experiences of others and deep sharing.”

Kaija Pohjala, CoComms

“A different workshop which I would recommend to every leader who would like to get out of the box. I received practical tools for change and system refresh. The most valuable learning was the power of our own mindset.”

Päivi Kangasmäki, Suominen Corporation

“The most important thing in the workshop has been all the great discussions with other participants. The experience has been very eye opening.”

Sari Tani, Pinata

“Great spirit and atmosphere!”

Kai Hagros, Koppicatch
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