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Amara’s Purpose

Amara Collaboration’s vision is to double the worldwide number of transforming leaders in order to shift towards a more conscious world where work feels engaging and rewarding.

Our dream is a world where inquiry and diversity is embraced with more awareness, humility and kindness. A healthy planet where the wellbeing of the next seven generations are kept in mind when making the significant decisions of our time. We aim to show up with integrity and our best intentions also when the situation calls for tough love.

The Heart of Amara

Heidi Gutekunst
Heidi has a M.Sc. (Econ.). She has worked most of her career in traditional and digital advertising agencies. Heidi has several national and international awards in innovative advertising, branding, design and digital service design. She started her career working as a Human Resource Manager and continued from there to key account management, strategic advertising and branding.
Jane Allen
Jane Allen is an experienced consultant, facilitator and coach working in public and private sectors, based in the UK. She provides advice and support to consultants and coaches working in the field of organisational and leadership development. Her ambition is to encourage the best of individuals and organisations in pursuit of their highest ideals and achievements.
Bill Torbert
Bill is Leadership Professor Emeritus at Boston College. He has consulted worldwide and served at numerous boards. Bill’s leadership article “Seven Transformations of Leadership” was selected as the “10 best ever” by Harvard Business Review. He is also the father of the Global Leadership Profile (GLP).
Lisa Markwick
Lisa is an experienced leadership psychologist, coach and mentor to senior executives, with a penchant for organisations and people exploring their place in this bigger system. Until early 2020, as Executive Director of a New Zealand national charity, she led the organisation towards a fresh vision, at a time when major transition was invited.
Maria Lehto
Despite her young age, Maria has often found herself in positions of responsibility and leadership, which has ignited a growing interest in leadership development. She has M.Sc. (Econ.) from Aalto University (Helsinki Finland) and has gained leadership and consulting experience already during her studies. Maria’s career goal is to be part of the change in transforming work life to a more humane and conscious direction, in this way contributing to the overall wellbeing of the people and the wider systems. 
Johan Mellerup Traekjaer
Johan has a diverse background ranging from academia to military and security work. He has been exploring the space between science, spirituality and human development in various ways, mixing formal education, consultation and executive coaching with retreats deep inside the wildest places on the planet. Johan’s primary interest is the interplay between human consciousness, biological systems and physics.
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Alevtina Kraseninnikova
Alevtina is a leadership development coach and consultant with nearly two decades in management and senior leadership positions working globally. In her coaching and consulting work, she is supporting for profit and non-profit leaders to evoke transformational change and inspiring vision in all aspects of their lives.
Annette Hennessy
Annette Hennessy is an experienced CEO and leader. She has an extensive track record of collaborative, creative leadership in the criminal justice system and beyond. She is committed to changing mindsets and perceptions about leadership as is demonstrated by her work with aspiring female leaders, and in supporting those outside of mainstream communities to discover their potential as leaders.
Ute Bock
Ute is an independent consultant, where she combines analytical skills and her experience with the human element in situations of risk with her passion for social dynamics. As a coach she uses her expertise and high quality standards to facilitate people’s development by building on their capabilities and insights, so they are well equipped to operate in turbulent conditions and to reinforce continuous change.
Parsooa Salahshoor Fard
Parsooa is an entrepreneur with valuable experience working with multinational organizations and also founding three startups. His background in various roles such as IT, Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales, helps him to understand different organizational levels and jobs that contributes to his perspective and value as a coach.
Catherine Holland
Catherine is an experienced senior leader, consultant, author and Associate of Amara Collaboration. She has a long background in managing corporate services at a senior level understanding the demands of governance and the challenges of securing real and lasting change in organisations. Catherine strives to be an authentic leader and uses her passion, personal experience and story telling to inspire others.
Kaija Pohjala
Kaija has for the past two years ran a company specialized in leadership coaching, named KoiKoi Oy. As a coach and mentor she has trained hundreds of companies and facilitated teams and individuals in transformations and different kinds of change and crisis situations. She is an authorized Global Leadership Profile (GLP) coach and a certified Business Coach (BCI) for individuals, teams and groups.
Irena Pranskeviciute
Irena has a MBA and EMIR., based in Lithuania. She is a trainer, coach and change maker with a key focus to conflict management, social entrepreneurship and social change. She has coached over 500 social enterprises and NGOs in the Baltics and Sweden. She believes that awareness opens enormous capacities and talents as it leads to inherent abundance.
Dana Carman
Dana is a seasoned executive coach and leadership consultant working globally in the frothy spaces between strategy and execution. Dana assists clients in navigating their biggest real world challenges while moving through personal and professional transformation in a unique and personalized way, integrating action and learning simultaneously.
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Amara co-founder Heidi Gutekunst describing what Amara is and how we work in Amara, being present through the successes and the challenges of our clients in the developmental journey.