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How do you lead yourself in these times?

Amara Associate, Annette Hennessy  is noticing in her daily walks the various Action Logics she has been stepping into during these complex times. She is inviting us too into a journey of inquiry and to step into new times of Transforming and Alchemical.

These are strange, disturbing times, filled with great sadness, and the chance of great hope. Every day I hear of the numbers and the stories of those dying of the virus across the world. Inevitably some of the stories are of people I know. I can see people but not go near them, I stand behind yellow lines to buy food. The roads are eerily quiet, when they would normally be busy with holiday visitors. What sense and meaning can be made at any level of all this shock? The temptation is to shut down, go into hibernation, to become more distant, and wait until it is over.  

I’m observing how I’m dealing with the pandemic. Like many I’m endeavouring to do my ‘bit’ to support others, and be compliant with the guidance, so I don’t burden the system. In action logics is this my ‘diplomat’ meaning making? I’m using my time to learn new things, brush up on existing skills, my expert action logic? At my age, and as I live alone, do I need to think about being more responsible about leaving my affairs and my life, in good order, my achiever action logic? And yet there is some life force in me, that wants to make a ‘better’ meaning out of these global shock events.  

There are some things that have become more real, more intense, and more concrete. I find myself seeking clarity, being able to see further, and to have a deeper connection to the world, and others. Where I live, it feels like in the space of a few weeks, the atmosphere has an alchemical quality to it. The air is so clear, and the colours of the spring have become more vibrant. As part of my daily exercise I have a real urge to walk to another level, way up high so I can see far away, to the fells, and to the sea and rivers beyond. Because at the moment, I believe, I can see further than ever before.  

On the ground I see violets, bluebells and primroses, this spring force bringing them to life. All across the fells are ribbons of dry stonewalls carving out the land. They have been there for hundreds of years, each stone placed just once, to hold up the next one, mile after mile, all done by hand, in all weathers, with the stones they had around them. How did they know where they were going? How did they keep going? Could they have imagined in three hundred years they would still be there still providing shelter and beauty? Paths and symbols of ancient wisdom. Beyond are the hills and the sea, timeless carvings into the landscape. Always present, and available but for how much longer?  

This clarity, this new ‘seeing’ is making me think; what am I going to do today with my life force, with my wisdom to lay down the stones and paths of the future. What will I offer that protects our future environment, and our future generations? Is this my redefining, transforming action logic trying to make new meaning of these times? There are many of us thinking this is the time to reset, so let’s connect, and collaborate. How are you going to lead yourself in these alchemical times?