Heidi & Ute at the Women Automotive Network event

Heidi Gutekunst and Ute Bock took part last week in an event organized by Women Automotive Network about personal and vertical development. The speakers discussed the concept of action logics, which are ways of thinking and responding to the world based on a person’s developmental level. Each action logic represents a different way of making sense of the world and … Continued

It often hurts to become wiser

It is time to change the way we think about thinking – It often hurts to become wiser Recently adult development theories and particularly their measures and frameworks have come under critique. One of the critiques is that it is elitist to divide humans into different stages of development and saying that some stages are better than others. … Continued

Bill Torbert as a guest in STaR Coaches podcast

Amara’s co-founder Bill Torbert had a guest appearance in the STaR Coaches podcast by Meg Rentschler in July 2022. Bill is a Leadership Professor Emeritus at Boston College and has spent his career leading, consulting, teaching, and researching. Meg offers strategies, tools and resources for professional coaches. Her passion to teach people to coach has led her to … Continued

ERDF supports Amara in creating a developmental self-assessment

We are pleased to announce that Amara’s new developmental self-assessment tool Shifting Horizons has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund. The funding has been provided for the further development, branding and commercialisation of Shifting Horizons.

The evolution of leadership culture

In this Amara article by Jason Harrison and Heidi Gutekunst, leadership behaviours are examined as the building blocks of organisational cultures. The three leadership cultures described build on one another in a developmental fashion, the later leadership cultures growing out of the earlier ones. Read the full article to learn how developing from leadership culture … Continued

Developing transformational leadership

“We can not predict the future but we can transform ourselves to better meet and shape it”  It’s probably fair to say that most of the world’s leaders are aiming to move their organisation from a current situation to something different in the future, to facilitate transformation in some shape or form. But facilitating true … Continued