Transforming Leadership Webinar recording from May 14th, 2020

On Thursday, May 14th 2020, Amara hosted a webinar about Transforming Leadership and invited two CEOs, Topi Jokinen from Vertia in Finland and Ahmadreza Alavi from Kaveh Aluminum Can Company KACC in Iran, to share their story about their experience with the GLP workshop and wider context with Amara. We had more than 40 people … Continued

GLP Workshop Changed My Life

Jari Saarenpää is a Finnish charismatic consultant and business coach, who first got in contact with Amara in 2015, having read Johtaja, Sinun on pakko muuttua in Kauppalehti Optio. He continued following Amara, featured Heidi Gutekunst in his book Löydä sisäinen motivaatiosi in 2017 and in 2018 he decided it was time for the GLP … Continued

Your body is calling, are you ready to answer the call? 

How many of us treat our bodies as machines purely to service our work and life? Our bodies reflect not only what’s happening to us, but what is happening around us, and rarely do we notice or consider what it’s telling us. In these times of great uncertainty, and critical decision making we need all the wisdom we can find.  Alevtina Kraseninnikova Associate of Amara Collaboration explores in this … Continued

How do you lead yourself in these times?

Amara Associate, Annette Hennessy  is noticing in her daily walks the various Action Logics she has been stepping into during these complex times. She is inviting us too into a journey of inquiry and to step into new times of Transforming and Alchemical. These are strange, disturbing times, filled with great sadness, and the chance of … Continued

Being held in these risky times

Amara Associate, Annette Hennessy used to be the CEO of a UK public service organisation which was subject to intense government scrutiny, criticism and major change, for years. In this Story Annette tells from her own experience how a thinking and holding buddy helped her to stay hopeful and find the strength to hold on.  There were many times … Continued

Leading in Turbulent Times – Being Street Smart in crisis!

Co-founder of Amara Collaboration Jane Allen points to the need to balance personal inquiry during the worldwide crisis and the need for action under pressure whilst much is uncertain and volatile. The commitment to step back for moments of reflection and disciplined inquiry leads to more timely action and maintaining strong composed leadership. We are … Continued