Transformation through inquiry – a personal reflection

After taking part in the Transformation through inquiry webinar we hosted a while back with Bill Torbert, an Amara Associate Annette Hennessy wrote this beautiful reaction piece reflecting her own transformation journey in relation to Bill’s experiences and transformative moments. As you read on, we invite you to be open for inquiries about your own … Continued

The power of reflection in leadership

There is a critical path to develop as a leader. Crucially it includes being able to reflect on one’s thoughts, actions, and feelings. Reflection allows us to harness the power of our unconscious mind and helps us notice things we might otherwise ignore. In short, it develops better thinking and more timely action. In this blog post … Continued

Self-organising – creating structures that liberate

In this blog, Lisa Markwick writes about her thoughts and reactions to the theme of self-organising, drawing inspiration from Amara’s recent webinar. As this blog is being released, she is preparing the second round of the Power of Three – Towards Self-Organising programme together with Heidi Gutekunst. The programme is open for any organisation interested … Continued

Self-organising: The impact of mature leadership in co-organising

In this blog Amara’s CEO and co-founder Heidi Gutekunst writes about the impact of leadership maturity for the success in implementing self-organising structures. She makes the case that oftentimes those who say that self-organising is “a nice idea but does not work in our organisation”, might be missing an integral part of the puzzle: vertical … Continued

How do trust and psychological safety affect performance?

A culture of trust and psychological safety is often dichotomised with performance. But is it really true that it’s one or the other? Or could people in trusting and psychologically safe working cultures actually perform better? In this blog Johan Mellerup Traekjaer writes about the connection of trust and psychological safety to energy management, and … Continued

Real life leadership transformation supported by developmental coaching

In the last three years, Vertia’s turnover has doubled and in a fresh research by Tampere University, one of the findings was that the stress level in Vertia is significantly lower than in organisations overall in Finland and compared to the other companies researched. Vertia is a Finnish company offering quality measurements and diagnostics in the area of construction and during … Continued