Courage and difficult conversations – how are you showing up as a leader in the climate crisis?

As our work revolves around growing the capacity of transforming, conscious leadership beyond of what we’ve seen in organisations historically, taking a stance in actively responding to the climate crisis cannot be left outside of our attention. Much of the transforming leadership capacity boils down to being able to keep several perspectives in our attention … Continued

Unlocking capacity for strategic thinking – the transformation story of Alexander Construction through the Power of Three programme

In this blog Maria Lehto writes about the Power of Three, a programme created and facilitated by Amara. Maria went on to interview two participants of the process, with aim to understand what kind of transformation was initiated in them, both on individual and organisational level. We are just about to finish our first round … Continued

The ultimate leadership mindset – combining Sociocracy with Action Inquiry and Transforming Leadership

Domingo Chabalgoity is an advisor in IT and management with four decades of experience, as well a GLP practitioner and eager student of Action Inquiry. During the past years of his career he has shifted his purpose to focus on helping individuals and organizations in transforming their journeys. This article has been written in aim of taking one more … Continued

What’s the point of holding on?

In this blog Annette Hennessy reflects on how valuable holding a space, to think, to reflect, and to see what emerges is part of transformational leadership. And how do you do that for yourself and others?

Letting go – while being intentional

Amara Associate Lisa Markwick reflects on her learning from co-facilitating the first of Amara’s Power of Three programme with a deep and deepening inquiry about the challenge of Action Inquiry in action as it opens up our mindsets to create space for change and transformation at many levels.