Seven Transformations of Leadership – Article in HBR

Seven Transformations of Leadership is an article by Amara’s Co-Founder Bill Torbert in the Harvard Business Review that lead Heidi Gutekunst into founding Amara Collaboration together with Bill and Jane Allen. Developmental Action Inquiry and the GLP are still the base and key frameworks that Amara Collaboration uses today to increase the amount of transformational … Continued

Diversity and Inclusion

By Alevtina Kraseninnikova, Associate of Amara Collaboration My recent experience on social media in a conversation on #diversity and #inclusion made me reflect rather deeply to the point that I was moved to written about it. So, here it is. A bit of a background would be helpful. A post caught my attention talking about … Continued

Creative Magic of Conflict

A Touching Example of a Transforming Moment Based on an event during the Grenfell Fire disaster in London June 2017 In the early hours of June 14th a 24-story block of publicly owned apartments was on fire. The fire started in the early hours of the morning and rapidly spread to all 24 floors causing eventually … Continued