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Creative Magic of Conflict

A Touching Example of a Transforming Moment

Based on an event during the Grenfell Fire disaster in London June 2017

In the early hours of June 14th a 24-story block of publicly owned apartments was on fire. The fire started in the early hours of the morning and rapidly spread to all 24 floors causing eventually 80+ deaths. Evacuation of all the residents and now a public inquiry into the disaster.

After 3 days of crisis, shock, fear, blame, loss and grief the fire fighters were getting close to having done all they could and were still trying to secure the building and find any identifying residues of victims not rescued.

On the ground there were angry protesters and relatives of victims not rescued or not yet found.

There was one senior fire fighter on the ground near the crowd when one of the crowds – a middle aged man stepped out of the crowd and went up to the fire fighter and started shouting at him in anger. Blaming him for giving the wrong safety instructions, not rescuing his family and for standing around.

The fire fighter just stood quietly still listened to the tirade.

Then in a moment something shifted and the fire fighter put his arms around the angry man who then dissolved into tears. He melted into the kind embrace and comfort offered. They stayed like this for some minutes as both wept together.

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