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This book offers a gateway through which to start developing your capacities to transform this world for the better. We present practices that are simple and manageable, underpinned by sophisticated techniques that will open up your thinking and acting, and develop and enrich your everyday life both at work and beyond. Our starting point t will not be a review of the considerable research and frameworks for transforming leadership—we will jump right into the practice.

“Fresh, innovative thinking is the most valuable commodity of this time to succeed in the future”  Jessica Uhl, Global CFO, Shell 

“Reading this book will give you many tried and tested practices that can be used and with small amounts of time and attention and have the potential to have a powerful impact for you personally, your team and family and sprinkle more aware leadership in your business.” 

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45 Street Smart Practices 

The 45 Street Smart Practices are written by the authors and 15 chosen contributors, for whom they are part of everyday life and yet usually found in more rarified places where senior leaders take time to reflect on their strategic leadership as individuals and in teams. We wanted to make them available for a larger audience in more accessible – Street Smart – language. 

Street Smart Resellers in Helsinki and London 

The book can be bought in Amazon as a paperback or Kindle version. We also have a small stock in Helsinki and London. Please order through the link below.

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Do you want more Street Smart Awareness in your Organisation?

We offer Street Smart workshops, training programmes and inspirational speaking for organisations wanting to develop Street Smart Awareness. We have people in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia available to work with you. Please contact Heidi for initial conversations. 


Crowdfunders made it possible

An important part of the collaborative process of creating Street Smart Awareness was the 43, generous crowdfunders who supported and cheered us along the way. We bow deeply to every single one of you! 

We also would like to express our gratitude to our illustrator, artist Brandy Wood and Serenity in Chaos Art, to our more than editor Ashley Curtis and to all contributors of practices.