The power of reflection in leadership

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There is a critical path to develop as a leader. Crucially it includes being able to reflect on one’s thoughts, actions, and feelings. Reflection allows us to harness the power of our unconscious mind and helps us notice things we might otherwise ignore. In short, it develops better thinking and more timely action. In this blog post … Continued

Vertia employee

Case Vertia: a transformation from a family-like small company to truly self-organising culture

23 min read
Category: Case Studies

In this case study by Amara Collaboration you can read about Vertia’s transformation from a family-like small company to truly self-organising culture. You’ll learn about self-organising and its effects on employee well-being, the different ways Vertia’s CEO Topi Jokinen supported his individual development as a leader and the challenges Vertia faced along the way. You’ll … Continued

Case study: Organisational transformation in the public sector – a shift from a solid and traditional to an agile and empowering culture

9 min read
Category: Case Studies

In this short case study by Annette Hennessy and Jane Allen, the transformation story of Merseyside Probation Trust and that of Annette herself are published for the first time. In her time as CEO, Annette managed to drive significant change and transform the organisation towards a more collaborative and empowering way of leadership and culture.

Self-organising – creating structures that liberate

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In this blog, Lisa Markwick writes about her thoughts and reactions to the theme of self-organising, drawing inspiration from Amara’s recent webinar. As this blog is being released, she is preparing the second round of the Power of Three – Towards Self-Organising programme together with Heidi Gutekunst. The programme is open for any organisation interested … Continued

Leadership in self-organising, keynote with Bill Torbert and Frederic Laloux

Category: Video

In this talk from the Amara Adventure conference in Helsinki, Finland back in 2015, Bill Torbert and Frederic Laloux discuss leadership in the context of self-organising and Teal organisations. The questions discussed were raised by the participants of the conference, touching on themes of wholeness, fear, letting go, role modelling, feedback and listening.

Conversations about reinventing organisations and leadership in self-organising

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In this video from 2015, Amara’s CEO Heidi Gutekunst interviews Frederic Laloux and Bill Torbert about reinventing organisations, the concept of wholeness and the leadership maturity required to be able to lead or initiate a self-organising culture. The talk is part of our Amara Adventure conference that was organised in Helsinki, Finland in September 2015.