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Thinking Space

The whole world is faced by turbulence and chaos. Employees and citizens are expecting leaders to have strength of character and composure, making sensible, timely decisions in a time when none knows what will happen tomorrow.

The Amara Thinking Space for demanding decision-making

The Amara Thinking Space has been developed for senior executives in demanding, stressful positions and is meant for business leaders, senior professionals, politicians and decision makers in all environments. It has been developed especially for those, individuals and teams, facing dilemmas and difficult choices that will impact others widely. It doesn’t matter whether in small, medium or large organizations in the private or public sector.

What is a Thinking Space?

The Amara Thinking Space consists of 4 online sessions with masterful Thinking Partners. The focus of the Thinking Space  is to help leaders to keep a balance whilst carrying responsibility to make the right decision, to look after the business and its people. In addition it offers a space to review and process the personal stress associated with handling disastrous situations in crisis.

Taking one valuable hour out of your time to share with a skilled and well positioned confidante is a small, yet significant  long-  and short- term  investment.  This can positively impact yourself, the environment you make decisions in and your important people. It provides an opportunity for more thoughtful decisions, caring for wellbeing in chaos and offers an opportunity to grow and shift.

Free webinar

Join Amara’s free Thinking Space on Wednesday May 20th at 6pm CET/ UTC+2 to share thoughts and feelings about leading in these times.

Amara Thinking Space for Leaders and Individuals

The Amara Thinking Space has been developed for senior leaders in demanding, stressful positions, especially those facing dilemmas and difficult choices that will impact others widely.

It consists of 4 online sessions with an experienced Amara Thinking Space Partner of your choice and you can choose between 4 languages: English, German, Swedish and Finnish. The sessions are to be held within 3 months.

1 600 € (+ VAT if applicable)

Amara Thinking Space for Groups, Teams and Communities

The Amara Thinking Space for groups, teams or communities offers a space for collaborative group inquiries for thinking together about what you are facing and how you want to deal with it. It may be a challenge, a worry, a tough joint decision or an opportunity for which you would like an experienced facilitator and coach.

It consists of 1 individual online preparation session and  3 team/group sessions (max. 12 pax ) with an experiences Thinking Partner of your choice. Sessions are available in English, Swedish or Finnish. The sessions are to be held within 3 months.

1 800 €  (+ VAT if applicable)

Free: Amara Resilience Space for Virus Warriors

Amara is a social enterprise and have since the beginning been giving back to the society where we see a need for that. In this crisis we bow to the Warriors of this time, all of you who are contributing to a functioning society or organization. Thank you for doing it! To show our appreciation we will hold a free of charge space for you, to React, Reflect and Refresh – to collectively gain energy and hope and develop resilience for the weeks and months to come.

The first, of 8 biweekly online session, will be held on
April 14th at 6pm CET. A warm welcome!


Free Resilience Space

Join the Free Virus Warriors Resilience Space on Tuesday, May 26th at 6pm CET / UTC +02:00

Amara Thinking Space Partners

The Amara Thinking Space Partners are well qualified executive coaches have themselves developed a unique combination of wisdom and pragmatism. They have themselves faced challenging situations in practice both as a top leader as well as provided advice, support and challenge for others in diverse contexts and settings. In the public sector and the business world. They have developed the ability of walking alongside executives taking difficult decisions, offering informed support and multiple perspectives that may challenge the assumptions and tunnel vision that we easily slip into in stressful situations.

The Amara Thinking Space Partners offer you:

  • Languages: English, German, Swedish and Finnish
  • Mentoring and facilitation with sophisticated understanding about the interplay between the individual, team and organisational need and the business and top leadership.
  • Practical experience in top executive positions or a degree in psychology
  • Deep listening and a sparring partner for the tough decisions you need to take
  • Safety in an environment where you get personal, emotional support and tough questions.
  • No judgement and a possibility to ventilate your own deep thoughts and anxieties
  • A helping hand and peaceful bubble in the midst of the storm

“If a crisis is to be of any value it offers the possibility to redefine how we work, think, handle relationships and do business.”

Amara Thinking Partners

Jane Allen (English)
I am an Amara Thinking Space Partner because I love listening  into the layers of the ways we are. I see that senior leaders have so many looking to them to be different colours of perfection, and at times, it can be a lonely place. I can bring my experience, compassion and  my ability to understand the issues quickly and  how they impact personally. Having a Thinking Space Partner is an easy way for senior people to gain access  to real credible help. Help from someone who isn’t caught up in their personal or work life yet who can understand, listen and give relevant feedback in a sensitive way. 
Annette Hennessy (English)
I am an Amara Thinking Space Partner because, I believe that the better the quality of thinking in these times, the better the quality of decision making in leadership. These are turbulent taxing times for leaders, how do you find a safe space to be yourself and find the strength to hold on. I recall how pausing to breathe, and to think with someone who brought deep attention, gave me courage and resolve. I’m looking forward to being able to return the gift of being a thinking buddy to help someone else to hold on and have the bravery to come back day after day.
Heidi Gutekunst (English, Swedish, Finnish)
I am an Amara Thinking Space Partner because, I know how stressful and complex it can be to have full responsibility for something, as a ceo, leading a large project or even taking tough decisions in the family. I have also learned how much relief and perspectives it offers to have quality conversations with someone who offers stability and a safe, non-judgemental space and understands my position, yet challenges my perspectives.
Kirstin Irving (English)
I am an Amara Thinking Space Partner because, I understand how the quality of our thinking is impacted by so much more than our intellectual firepower. Much in our daily environment works against us being at our best. By stepping into a dedicated and well-supported space, each of us has a much greater chance of accessing our full ways of knowing. In turn, we become better equipped to make wise and timely decisions.
Catherine Holland
Catherine is an experienced senior leader, consultant, author and Associate of Amara Collaboration. She has a long background in managing corporate services at a senior level understanding the demands of governance and the challenges of securing real and lasting change in organisations. Catherine strives to be an authentic leader and uses her passion, personal experience and story telling to inspire others.
Ute Bock
Ute is an independent consultant, where she combines analytical skills and her experience with the human element in situations of risk with her passion for social dynamics. As a coach she uses her expertise and high quality standards to facilitate people’s development by building on their capabilities and insights, so they are well equipped to operate in turbulent conditions and to reinforce continuous change.


Amara Associate, Annette Hennessy used to be the CEO of a UK public service organisation which was subject to intense government scrutiny, criticism and major change, for years. In this Story Annette tells from her own experience how a thinking and holding buddy helped her to stay hopeful and find the strength to hold on.  There were many times … Continued

Co-founder of Amara Collaboration Jane Allen points to the need to balance personal inquiry during the worldwide crisis and the need for action under pressure whilst much is uncertain and volatile. The commitment to step back for moments of reflection and disciplined inquiry leads to more timely action and maintaining strong composed leadership. We are … Continued

Join Amara’s free Virus Warrior resilience space on May 26th – a unique, safe atmosphere to React, Reflect and Refresh with others in similar circumstances.