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THE AMARA WAY – For Transforming and Aware Leadership

The underpinning framework we have developed in Amara to enable leaders to move with agility is called The Amara Way. This describes and embraces the embedded practice of Inquiry-in-Action, which is influenced by Action Inquiry, the only approach statistically confirmed to generate both individual and organizational transformation (William R. Torbert).

The Amara Way -framework provides a catalyst for our clients to develop the interdependent capacities of depth and timely action: critical to flourishing in our current VUCA environment. [V volatility, U uncertainty, C complexity, A ambiguity.]


Bill Torbert tells you how GLP (Global Leadership Profile) can help you in your everyday work life what are the benefits.

What are Amara workshops like? See how the participants experienced the Action Inquiry and Global Leadership Profile workshop in Helsinki 2018.

We often talk about action logics so here is a brief intro by Bill Torbert of what it is. An ‘action logic’ is the way we make meaning of ourselves, our relationships and the wider context which then determines our behaviour in both business and everyday life. The Global Leadership Profile (GLP) is both a … Continued