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TEDx Töölö Countdown event, sponsored by Amara


We are happy to announce that Amara is a lead sponsor for a TEDx Countdown, event, TEDxTöölö. The goal of the global Countdown initiative is to build a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. The TEDxTöölö Countdown event takes place on 23th November at 7-9.30pm EET. You can register to the event here! The TEDxTöölö event is part of the global Countdown initiative, bringing together a global community to inspire and catalyse action towards a better future.

As in Amara, we are continuously asking ourselves what is our contribution to making this world a place where our children, our grandchildren, and their grandchildren can breathe clean air, drink clean water, eat healthy food and feel safe, we are pleased to be sponsoring this initiative. Our aim as Amara is to transform the thinking and leadership to change the mindset and reinvent the dysfunctional structures. 

Through 2021 Amara will be running a Countdown Circle, supporting action through inquiry, seeking to create the more beautiful world we know to be possible while drastically reducing carbon emissions. What does the future look like for the world, for you, your community, your organisation? What do you wish the future of work to be and how can you build back better from this moment?


Why Countdown?

During Summer 2020 Amara was engaged in an inquiry into the Future of Work. It quickly became clear that we cannot start to imagine ourselves into the Future of Work unless we also face the realities of climate collapse and related crises around the world. In July we held an online workshop with people around the world and were instantly reminded of the power of connection and the generative potential of mutual inquiry.

We are now stepping into the next phase of our Future of Work inquiry, specifically focusing on how we drastically reduce carbon emissions while also understanding that this is an important moment to build back – from the covid crisis – better. What does this mean? Ensuring we think and act as though everything is connected: health of the planet, wellbeing of people and communities and so on. After all of this reflection, joining the Countdown felt like a great fit for us!