Tailor Made Programmes for organisations in transition

We co-create developmental programmes taking into account the unique situation of the customer and approaching specific challenges and opportunities that emerge.

We start all tailor made programmes with an inquiry of the situation and bring our insights to co-created with our partner what will be most effective.

Our programs might include both mind-set transformation and capacity development (vertical) with competence development (horizontal).

We often make use of the Global Leadership Profile (GLP) and Action Inquiry approaches.

Our intention is to:

  • Widen perspective, revealing new possibilities and emerging insights on challenges.
  • Support and enable greater involvement, motivation and engagement of employees and stakeholders.
  • Seek more integrity between ideas, strategies and actions.
  • Seek mutuality and co-creative abilities of teams involved in the transition.
  • Nurture the transformational leadership capacities of people involved in transformational development activities.

How to take this forward

STEP 1: You or your company have an issue that other strategies have not been effective and you would like a fresh approach that you think Amara might be able to help with.

STEP 2: We suggest an initial conversation and meeting to jointly explore the issue and possibilities further.

STEP 3: We always start with a collaborative inquiry one-day or two-day workshop to co-inquire about what the issues are – those presenting and those that may be less obvious. Proposals for action would emerge from this with some clarity about the value of an external perspective, support and capability to stimulate and sustain a programme of transformation.

STEP 4: We provide you with a proposal with some suggestions with proposed costs for you to consider and take through the organization’s decision-making processes.

The Inquiry programme

Planned with you around an inquiry question focused around the issue of concern.

Engaging a group of committed and involved people representing different perspectives for within the organization

We will facilitate with you or for you a programme of structured conversations and exercises such as a simple SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) exercise, joint visioning alternative future scenarios and identifying the immediate next steps.

The Inquiry process will result in an initial description of the issue, the possible choices and immediate next steps as proposals to seek agency for taking further.

Amara will later advise and have a follow up conversation to explore whether a programme of activity might be required and produce a proposal and follow up presentation if required.

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