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Our Offering for Organisational Impact

Our work globally integrates and weaves together individual, team and organisational transformation. Strategic transformation or cultural change programmes are our strength requiring close collaboration with top managers and key stakeholders in an agreed governance structure for appraising successful outcomes. Our approach is tailored to need, keeping the big picture and long term goals in mind. Mutual feedback sessions with top leaders are crucial for strategically focused plans always keeping on top of the quick changes our clients typically face.

Planned transformations happens moment to moment in a number of structured and unstructured interventions. In the interventions we pay simultaneous attention to both the obvious needs, challenges and potential as well as the unseen dynamics, energetic and underlying systemic issues.

Is your organisation or team facing a major challenge? Do you realise that the current business enviroment will demand significantly smarter leaders and agile organisation? Are you willing to develop more collaborative, transformational approaches to meet your goals? If your answer is yes to one or more questions, contact us to set up a conversation with us.


Systemic organisational transformation programmes

We offer long term strategic partnerships in which we work, plan and execute interventions on several levels simultaneously. We tailor every programme carefully with the key stakeholders to plan and respond to emergent needs.

Strategic culture change projects

We start culture projects with a diagnostic process to determine both the current and aspirational culture. A collaborative process for the most significant interventions and practices we plan together that covers a 1-3 year period.

Leadership development programmes

We design and execute local and global leadership development programmes tailored for your specific business needs. Our events are creative, experiential and transformational blended with conventional leadership teaching including built in assessments, coaching and online learning.

Team coaching and development

We offer development for teams aspiring to become a highly effective, collaborative team.
We start with both diagnostic interviews and an event prior to designing a tailored development plan for the team and its members.

Individual developmental coaching

We offer leaders individual support in their development. Our coaches are GLP certified, personally mature with senior leadership experience.
We rely on the GLP and Action Inquiry as our approach to coaching blended with more traditional approaches

Keynote speaking

We offer keynote speaking and inspirational sessions on themes such as: transformational leadership, Action Logics, organisational transformation, Street Smart Awareness, feminine leadership, personal development, resilience, Eros Power and conscious entrepreneurship,
Contact us with your requirements.

Developing transforming leadership – Action Inquiry and the GLP

This Summer we are introducing Online GLP Programme of interrelated yet independent modules covering introduction to the practice of Action Inquiry, the underpinning theory of adult cognitive development, Action Logics and the reliable and verified profile GLP (Global Leadership Profile). The programme will support you in your personal leadership development, ability to use the tool with your clients and customers, and its potential in organizational development.

Assessment tool: The Global Leadership Profile (GLP)

We suggest the GLP for senior leaders in roles that are significant for their transformation. The GLP offers a unique way of deepening the understanding of one’s leadership action logic and offers ways for further development.

Assessment tools: Leadership Circle Profile 360 (LCP) and Culture Survey

We suggest the LCP for senior leaders, to gain insight and feedback about her/his leadership. The Culture Survey is an organisationally focused diagnostic tool for culture change projects. Amara has certified coaches for the LCP and Culture Survey.


In the book we present practices that are simple and manageable, underpinned by sophisticated techniques that will open up your thinking and acting, and develop and enrich your everyday life both at work and beyond.

The Global Leadership Profile (GLP) is a both a self-assessment procedure and a professionally-scored profile tool that identifies a person’s developmental leadership action-logic. Each of us is enacting our life at work and at home through a certain characteristic way of interacting and inquiring with others.

The underpinning framework we have developed in Amara to enable leaders to move with agility is called The Amara Way. This describes and embraces the embedded practice of Inquiry-in-Action, which is influenced by Action Inquiry, the only approach statistically confirmed to generate both individual and organizational transformation.