Online GLP Certification, Module 2


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MODULE 2: GLP Certification workshop – become a GLP coach

Having attended to Module 1 you can continue  to become a GLP Certified coach and be admitted the right to use the GLP with your clients. Once you have completed this module you will be certified and able to join a wider community of practitioners.

The 1-week online programme consists of:

  • 2 half day online workshops
  • Completing your own GLP with personal commentary and a debrief session
  • Undertake 2 GLPs with personal commentary, with two of your clients
  • 2 shadow coaching session for the 2 GLPs
  • Individual study and writing a final report
  • The 2 GLPs and the shadow coaching can be done after the workshop week

In addition, you will need to buy two GLPs with personal commentary from GLA which you can offer/sell to your clients.