Organizational and Conversational Action Logics


William Torbert’s model of individual action-logics describes different levels of leadership, based on how someone interprets and interacts with the world. This model is well known and widely used. It has two lesser-known applications: action-logics for conversations and within organisations.

Organisational action-logics describe different stages of maturity that make up combinations of organisational dynamics. These influence the kinds of change an organisation can implement, how it manages change and uncertainty, how it learns, what manner in which it tolerates differences and how it interacts with the outside world. The model proposes that an organisation may manifest action-logics as do individuals and that this is pivotal to its effectiveness. It also points to the exciting possibility that organisations, like individuals, are capable of evolving to the new levels that will likely see significant, on-going transformations in effectiveness, performance and impact.

Conversational action-logics are an important perspective and as a strand of developmental theory it offers a bridge between individual leadership competences and organisational transformation and performance. Someone evolving to a later individual action-logic looks to start new kinds of conversations and this drives a different kind of change in their organisation. Conversational action-logics offer a new tool or perspective for organisational leaders, consultants, and those providing or participating in coaching or leadership development.


Following an open webinar sharing this framework on July 2, 2018, Jane Allen, Alexander Chenet, Ian Harcus and Kirstin Irving now offer a follow up on:

“Organizational and Conversational Action Logics – Open House”

28thNovember 2018 4pm – 5.30pm UK time

This session will take the work on the above models further and offer to host an ongoing collaboration and inquiry among those interested in the model.


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