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GLP Workshop Changed My Life

Jari Saarenpää is a Finnish charismatic consultant and business coach, who first got in contact with Amara in 2015, having read Johtaja, Sinun on pakko muuttua in Kauppalehti Optio.

He continued following Amara, featured Heidi Gutekunst in his book Löydä sisäinen motivaatiosi in 2017 and in 2018 he decided it was time for the GLP workshop as his yearly big own development investment. Jari enjoyed the workshop, the unique atmosphere and it’s participants so much that he decided to join again in 2019 to deepen his learning.

Jari will launch a new book in the fall 2020 and claims that the inspiration for this book came from attending the GLP workshop


Amara has translated its successful GLP workshop and process to the online environment. You no longer need to travel to join it, you can do it from the comfort of your home while still being engaged and supported in the experiential learning Amara is famous for.

In this workshop we focus on developing transforming leadership through the lenses of Action Inquiry and the GLP. The workshop offers you tools and methods to accelerate your personal development.

What are the GLP and Action Inquiry workshops all about? The newest addition to the Amara team, Maria Lehto, took on the challenge to find out.