Transformational Leadership through Teams and Organisations

This workshop focuses on vertical development and transformational leadership in the context of teams and organisations. We will use the lenses of Action Inquiry and the action logics, and dive deeply on the practical application through cases: working on your own and using exemplars to inspire and support practical action.
Helsinki (Finland)
October 3, 2022 - October 4, 2022
2200€ +VAT if applicable.
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The complete transformational leadership programme:

Registering to two workshops gives you a 10% discount on the second one, and registering to all three gives you a 15% discount on the second and third one.

The focus of this workshop is developing mastery of transforming and aware leadership through vertical development in the context of teams and organisations. Ideally suited to change agents and consultants working from both inside and outside organisations, it will extend your practice with the action logics and Action Inquiry beyond the individual, bridging into teams and whole organisational systems. 

This workshop consists of a balance of frameworks, shared learning and small groups. There will be structured study tasks  and inquiries for participants to guide the work on cases that you bring and share.

You will learn about how to use the action logics as a tool for organisational development and how to incorporate Action Inquiry practices into teams and organisations. You will gain understanding about the relationship between individual, team, and organisational transformation. We will also look at how others are already adapting these frameworks in their work and what are the good practices of using the action logics and Action Inquiry in the context of teams and organisations. 

Please note that before attending this workshop, you should have a solid foundation and understanding about the action logics and Action Inquiry. It is preferable, unless you already have understanding about action logics and Action Inquiry, that you attend the Transformational leadership through Action Inquiry, action logics and the GLP workshop on September 28-30th or complete our online course: Developing Transformational Leadership, before joining the Transformational Leadership through Teams and Organisations -workshop. After registration, we will be in touch about preparation and the online materials.

In this workshop you’ll get to dive into the following topics:

  • Action Inquiry – a powerful framework for enabling individual, team and organisational transformation  
  • How Conversational and Organisational action logics relate to the Individual action logics and how each of them contributes to transformation of culture and performance 
  • Practical applications and illustrations to support the work for internal and external consultants, including the current opportunities brought by participants 
  • Case studies to illustrate the potential and dilemmas that offer opportunities for change
  • Power dynamics and how to develop mutual power and collaborative relationships 
  • The critical place of Feedback as a process and dynamic for growth 

The workshop experience:

  • A unique learning atmosphere and a new peer group as a resource of feedback for your own practice, development and own projects
  • Being on the growth edge of innovative developments in Action Inquiry and action logics worldwide  
  • Inspiration and motivation to work more deeply with team and organisational transformations 
  • Developing your network of colleagues to support this work 
  • Resources – tested ideas, case studies and examples for your own interest and for marketing with your clients 
  • A greater confidence and appreciation of the breadth and depth available with this approach 

The workshop includes:

  • Two days facilitated workshop experience in Helsinki, Finland 
  • Two facilitated online sessions, one before and one after the face-to-face workshop, to provide you support in working on your case and to offer an opportunity to connect with the other participants. 
  • Working on your own team or organizational case study with support from the facilitators and your co-learners
  • Rich self-study materials with access for one year

The workshop fee includes the workshop venue, facilitation, lunch and dinner. Accommodation and transfers are not included in the workshop fee.   

“Re-energising new learning. I feel ready to work with organisations in a collaborative way towards a bigger systemic impact and learning all round“

– Teams and Organisations workshop participant in 2020

If you wish to take your practice and learning about Action Inquiry and the action logics to an advanced stage in the context of teams and organisations, this workshop on 3rd-4th of October 2022 is for you!


Helsinki (Finland)


Two days facilitated Transformational Leadership through Teams and Organisations workshop in Helsinki, Finland, including two online sessions. More information about arrival, exact workshop times and programme will be sent after registration.
• Monday 26th of September at 3-5pm CET, facilitated online session to greet the other participants and get started with each participant's case
• Monday 3rd of October, full day face-to-face session
• Tuesday 4th of October, full day face-to-face session
• Monday 17th of October at 3-5pm CET, facilitated online session to review the cases of each of the participants and share the learning


2200€ +VAT if applicable.
The price includes the two online sessions, two days facilitated workshop in Helsinki, (min 6 participants) including lunch and dinner. Accommodation and transfers are not included in the workshop fee.

Hosting and facilitation team

Heidi Gutekunst
Heidi has a M.Sc. (Econ.). She has worked most of her career in traditional and digital advertising agencies. Heidi has several national and international awards in innovative advertising, branding, design and digital service design. She started her career working as a Human Resource Manager and continued from there to key account management, strategic advertising and branding.
Jane Allen
Jane Allen is an experienced consultant, facilitator and coach working in public and private sectors, based in the UK. She provides advice and support to consultants and coaches working in the field of organisational and leadership development. Her ambition is to encourage the best of individuals and organisations in pursuit of their highest ideals and achievements.