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Join Amara’s free Virus Warrior resilience space on May 26th – a unique, safe atmosphere to React, Reflect and Refresh with others in similar circumstances.
6pm CET / UTC +02:00 Online
May 26, 2020
Free Admission
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Resilience Space for Virus Warriors

The dictionary speaks of warriors as people who are brave, skilled and engaged in a struggle. In the weeks and months ahead we will appreciate and rely on our ‘Virus Warriors’ who put protect us and keep the wheels of our lives turning.

We rely on your visible and invisible support, whether it’s in hospitals, in schools, keeping food supplied or in organizations keeping the payroll running or the employees informed. We want you to stay strong, calm and carry on. Our inter- dependence has never been more noticeable, or more important. Your wellbeing is my wellbeing.

At Amara we appreciate that there are really important practical things that matter most for you to do your work well, you need people to stay at home, your groceries to be brought to you, and time to sleep and recover. At Amara, we have experienced the power of pausing, sharing, and collectively gaining energy and hope in a safe space in conversation with others in similar circumstances. Amara offers this in service of you and your important work.

Amara is appreciated and known for the unique atmosphere we create wherever we go. We believe in a world with more care, kindness and collaboration. We hold a space for deep listening, and a space in which you can share your feelings and thoughts without judgement. Our commitment is to walk alongside individuals, groups and organisations in troubled times, supporting you to maintain your hope, strength and courage. We believe that all of us have it within us to go beyond ourselves. Our experience of working with many over the years, is that we do that best, when we are connected with ourselves and others in a kind caring environment, allowing time to reflect, react and refresh.

What to expect from the sessios

The sessions will be guided by us using Zoom, an easy to use technology requiring internet and a smart phone or laptop. We set some ground rules and principles for how we spend the time in each session which includes an agreement about confidentiality. We also aim to create an atmosphere of trust, depth facing our fears and bringing clarity and fun wherever possible.

You don’t need to prepare anything and there will be no homework! We find it is really useful for people to have a journal or small notebook and a pen to write some notes for your own reflection and gather good ideas from others. You will be asked to introduce yourself and you can say as little or as much as you want to.

The sessions will include some introductions and we will take you through a light structure for the time. There will be spaces for you to talk in groups of three or four during the time.

  • We will make some notes and give suggestions of resources, readings, podcasts that you might find helpful.
  • We will demonstrate some practices that help to build resilience and manage stress.
  • We call ourselves Amara Collaboration and so we always try to encourage all of our work to be involving and engaging whilst also being meaningful and safe.

Session outline

We start by introducing ourselves, go through the ground rules to get the most out of the session, before continuing with the React – Reflect – Refresh outline.

React is a way for us all to think about how we are feeling right now – the mix of emotions and thoughts we all carry when we stop for a few moments. We will share practices for helping us to react safely.

Reflect will offer a new practice on each occasion to help us to reflect on our situations and there will be some conversations in either pairs or threes to help with the refection – not just of our own situation but we also learn so much by hearing others.

Refresh will share the insights, the great ideas we have heard from others and commit to try out some new actions that will help us going forward and might also help others we work with.


Online Session for 75 minutes
Further technical details available when signing up to the event.


Tuesdays at 6 pm CET / UTC +02:00
(Note in UK/ WET at 5pm)

Tue June 9th,
Tue June 23rd, Tue July 7th


Free Admission

You can join as many or as few sessions you want to.

Hosting and facilitation team

Annette Hennessy
Annette Hennessy is an experienced CEO and leader. She has an extensive track record of collaborative, creative leadership in the criminal justice system and beyond. She is committed to changing mindsets and perceptions about leadership as is demonstrated by her work with aspiring female leaders, and in supporting those outside of mainstream communities to discover their potential as leaders.
Heidi Gutekunst
Heidi has a M.Sc. (Econ.). She has worked most of her career in traditional and digital advertising agencies. Heidi has several national and international awards in innovative advertising, branding, design and digital service design. She started her career working as a Human Resource Manager and continued from there to key account management, strategic advertising and branding.
Jane Allen
Jane Allen is an experienced consultant, facilitator and coach working in public and private sectors, based in the UK. She provides advice and support to consultants and coaches working in the field of organisational and leadership development. Her ambition is to encourage the best of individuals and organisations in pursuit of their highest ideals and achievements.

If you have any questions or concerns about whether to join or during the programme then do get in contact with:,, or