POSTPONED- Matrix Essentials for Professionals

The 1st Ever Matrix Essential in Europe — London, UK, hold together with Amara Collaboration. This 4-day workshop will give you a set of practices to generate the capacity to actually function as an interconnected self-organising system.
London, UK
April 2, 2020 - April 5, 2020
£500 – £1200

The 1st Ever in Western Europe — London, UK!

EVERY TEAM, GROUP AND organisation has an invisible Matrix of interpersonal relationships. The health, depth, resilience and quality of the relationships, which make up this matrix is crucially important. This 4-day workshop will give you a set of practices to generate the *capacity* to actually *function as an interconnected self-organising system.* This capacity liberates motivation, engagement, commitment, collaboration, innovation and collective intelligence which otherwise remain untapped. The intention is to support the health, effectiveness, responsiveness and evolution so needed in organisations today. Having run for decades in the US, this is the first time this workshop is being run in Western Europe and it is expected to sell out.


  • Build a Relational Infrastructure™ founded in open, transparent person-to-person communication
  • Generate a ground of health (trust & resilience) in the Matrix of relationships
  • Develop systems-responsive awareness and learn to optimize collective intelligence and emergent leadership
  • Create a feedback culture that is an investment in relationships, mission and delivery
  • Transform conflict to a practice of engaging with differences as resources and a multiperspective Matrix Group Dialogue
  • Differentiate from habitual roles and leadership assumptions and Distribute authority and leadership

The Matrix Leadership Difference

A STRONG RELATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE is the difference between teams, groups and organisations that walk and those that fly. Matrix Leadership will help you build a relational infrastructure and reap the benefits. We entrust complex and critical work to a team of highly capable individuals. Will the team succeed? Will high achieving individuals come together to produce a high performing team? Will they harness their collective intelligence to make the best decisions? Why leave it to chance?

Unfortunately, traditional leadership development aims at the skills of individuals hoping that teams improve as a result. Yet, they often don’t. Research from MIT and Google into the characteristics of high performing teams points to one dominant factor. It isn’t the individual personalities, abilities, or experiences of the people on teams. The patterns of interactions within the entire team are more significant than all of these other factors combined.
Matrix Leadership yields more connected and effective interactions to generate Strong Relational Infrastructure™. This is the heart of high performance and evolutionary leadership.


Islington Ecology Centre
191 Drayton Park
London N5 1PH


£500 – £1,200

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A future made up of complex, chaotic environments is less suited to the problem solving of lone, decisive authority figures than it is to the distributed efforts of smart, flexible leadership networks.

- Nick Petrie, Future Trends in Leadership Development Center for Creative Leadership

I’ve been learning, practicing and training in the field of organisational development and self-organisation in the UK for 25 years; and after taking the Matrix Leadership course in the US this year I felt compelled to bring it to the UK because I think it brings something new and much-needed. Of the many tools / methodologies / processes I’ve learned, I haven’t found any that build a ground of health in the relational matrix, work with differences, and then rather than differences becoming a source of division, use these differences as a source of collective intelligence and distributed leadership. I find it a deep, thorough, profound and essential addition to a field busy with more superficial quick-fixes.

- Nick Osborne, Evolving Organisation, HolacracyOne, Evolution at Work