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Build on GLP Foundation module: become certified coach/consultant to use the GLP with your clients, colleagues and students. This online workshop will help you deepen your learning to skilfully to offer a powerful process to others.
The workshop is organised online in June 2021 and the exact dates and times are agreed together with the participants.
1150 € + VAT (if applicable)
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If you wish to certify as a GLP coach, you are warmly welcome to join this GLP Certification workshop. The online workshop is organised in June 2021 and the exact dates and times are agreed together with the participants.
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The purpose of this online workshop is to deepen your understanding of the Action Logics and equip you with a high standard of practical skills and confidence to use and debrief the Global Leadership Profile with your clients and customers.

You don’t need to decide about attending this module before you attend workshop 1, however, it is a pre-requirement to have completed GLP Foundation module before the certification workshop.

Amara Collaboration is one of three organisations worldwide with the right to certify people to use the Global Leadership Profile for debriefing. Certifying would allow you to use and debrief the GLP as a tool in your coaching practice or consulting assignments, or as part of internal leadership development programmes in your organisations.

This workshop consists of two live online sessions and a Q&A session covering the debrief process, the scoring and research behind the GLP with supporting material to read and watch.

To provide you with confidence to use the tool effectively, you are required to identify two clients with whom to do the GLP debrief. You will have 2 online ‘shadow supervision’ sessions to prepare for and debrief them and share experience with other participants.

We will cover:

  • How to understand the Action Logics better
  • How the Sentence Completion test is scored and rated
  • The procedures, ethics and reliability of the GLP
  • Good practice in working with the GLP
  • Preparing to do debrief sessions and what’s involved in your preparation
  • How to manage a debriefing session including the developmental implications of the profile for the individual
  • Supporting you in doing two debrief session

What you will learn:

  • How to read and understand an individual’s Sentence Completion Form and the composition of the GLP Report – what is contained in it and how to use it for your client’s benefit
  • How to set up with your client and prepare yourself for undertaking a debrief session professionally
  • What the clear purpose and focus for the debrief session is
  • How to use the GLP for ongoing development and within your other contacts with the client (such as an ongoing coaching relationship)
  • How to become a certified user of the GLP and the processes needed to order, purchase and manage the GLP
  • A renewed appreciation of your own report and profile
  • Your own individual style and approach – its value and how to develop different practice approaches

What you will experience:

  • The mentoring and coaching from an Amara consultant well versed in the GLP process
  • A deeper appreciation of the action logics
  • An insight of the work behind the scenes of scoring and profiling by Amara partner organisation, Global Leadership Associates
  • A building of confidence in approaching a significant developmental intervention with a client
  • Support from a group of peers going through the same process with their unique insights and ideas

What you will walk away with:

  • Certification to use the GLP in your work
  • A confidence to do use the GLP in your own work
  • Membership of a Global network of certified coaches
  • The option to be listed on the GLA website as a Certified coach available for any visitors to see who is in their part of the world
  • A highly respected and valued tool for promoting vertical development
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If you want to hear more about the GLP and Action Inquiry before registering to the workshop, this webinar recording is a great place to start!


This programme is offered as an online workshop on Zoom


The workshop is organised online in June 2021 and the exact dates and times are agreed together with the participants.
• facilitated session (2,5h)
• facilitated session (2,5h)
• facilitated session / Q&A (2,5h)


1150 € + VAT (if applicable)
In addition, you will need to buy two GLPs with personal commentary from GLA which you can offer/sell to your clients

Hosting and facilitation team

Jane Allen
Jane Allen is an experienced consultant, facilitator and coach working in public and private sectors, based in the UK. She provides advice and support to consultants and coaches working in the field of organisational and leadership development. Her ambition is to encourage the best of individuals and organisations in pursuit of their highest ideals and achievements.
Heidi Gutekunst
Heidi has a M.Sc. (Econ.). She has worked most of her career in traditional and digital advertising agencies. Heidi has several national and international awards in innovative advertising, branding, design and digital service design. She started her career working as a Human Resource Manager and continued from there to key account management, strategic advertising and branding.
Alevtina Kraseninnikova
Alevtina is a leadership development coach and consultant with nearly two decades in management and senior leadership positions working globally. In her coaching and consulting work, she is supporting for profit and non-profit leaders to evoke transformational change and inspiring vision in all aspects of their lives.