Amara webinar: Leadership in self-organising

A warm welcome to our free webinar about leadership in self-organising on Tuesday 20th of April at 9-10am CET / 7-8pm NZST. In this online gathering we will share thoughts and experiences about leadership in self-organising cultures. As our speakers we are happy to have Topi Jokinen, the CEO of Vertia and Heidi Gutekunst, the CEO of Amara Collaboration.
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April 20, 2021
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Self-organising has grown its popularity in organisations for a while, but what does it actually require from the leaders?

In this online gathering hosted by Amara’s Johan Mellerup Traekjaer, we will share thoughts and experiences about leadership in self-organising cultures, especially from the point of view of leadership development and leadership maturity. You might also know the phenomenon of self-organising as co-organising, or Teal, as some call it. In the webinar we will discuss what does leadership in self-organising actually mean and how can leaders equip themselves to face the challenges along the way. As our guest we are happy to have Topi Jokinen, the CEO of Vertia, who has been steering the company toward a more self organising way of operating during the past years. The case Vertia is especially interesting because the company operates in the area of construction, an industry traditionally relying on hierarchical, top down leadership. Amara’s CEO Heidi Gutekunst will also share her insights and experiences from her time in leading another organisation, on leading organisational transformation towards self-organising. Having Topi and Heidi share their thoughts is a delight and we cannot wait to dive into this conversation!

In this webinar you will be invited to not only listen to the speakers but also to notice your own thoughts and reactions, share your ideas with other participants and join into the conversation with the speakers. The event will be facilitated by one of Amara’s senior consultants, Johan Mellerup Traekjaer.

”The lens through which the top leadership looks at the world – their action logic – will significantly impact how they lead, use power, exercise timely action and facilitate change moment-to-moment.”


Amara Collaboration works with individuals and organisations that are facing needs for change and transformation on individual, team and organisational/systemic level. Our approach is grounded but not limited to constructive developmental theory and Action Inquiry, to date the only approach statistically reliable generating both personal and organisational transformation, the life work of one of Amara’s co-founders Bill Torbert. We walk beside and meet people, teams and organisations where they are and develop a uniquely safe space that is fertile for development and bring wide perspectives from the decades of experience in top leadership, facilitation, coaching and consultancy.


Webinar in Zoom


Tuesday 20th of April at 9-10am CET / 7-8pm NZST



Hosting and facilitation team

Johan Mellerup Traekjaer
Johan has a diverse background ranging from academia to military and security work. He has been exploring the space between science, spirituality and human development in various ways, mixing formal education, consultation and executive coaching with retreats deep inside the wildest places on the planet. Johan’s primary interest is the interplay between human consciousness, biological systems and physics.
Heidi Gutekunst
Heidi has a M.Sc. (Econ.). She has worked most of her career in traditional and digital advertising agencies. Heidi has several national and international awards in innovative advertising, branding, design and digital service design. She started her career working as a Human Resource Manager and continued from there to key account management, strategic advertising and branding.