Amara Thinking Space Webinar

Join Amara’s free Thinking Space Webinar bi-weekly on wednesdays at 6pm CET to meet the Thinking Partners, share thoughts and feelings about leading in these times and hear about tested ways to cope with stress and develop resilience.
6pm CET / UTC+02:00 (WET/UK at 5pm)
May 20, 2020
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Thinking Space Webinar on May 20th at 6pm CET / UTC +02:00 (Note UK/WET at 5pm)

Free Amara Thinking Space Webinar

The whole world is faced by turbulence and chaos. Employees and citizens are expecting leaders to have strength of character and composure, making sensible, timely decisions in a time when none knows what will happen tomorrow.

Amara has developed a protected Thinking Space for decision-makers who would value a space to step back, reflect and refresh with an experienced and trusted thinking partner, to help keep balance and composure whilst carrying responsibility.

The Amara Thinking Space for demanding decision-making

Join us to share your thoughts and feelings about making decisions in these challenging times, hear more about what we are offering, learn and experience tested ways of coping with the stress, complexity and uncertainty and meet some of the coaches who are offering this package of four hours. 

We will present some of the themes we are noticing now that may be presenting dilemmas for leaders. We will also talk about resilience and how to build it at this time and how you can get support from practices of inquiry in action, presented in our book: Street Smart Awareness and Inquiry-in-Action. 




May 20th, 2020 at 6pm CET/ UTC+2:00 (Note UK/WET at 5pm)


Free admission

Hosting and facilitation team

Heidi Gutekunst (English, Swedish, Finnish)
I am an Amara Thinking Space Partner because, I know how stressful and complex it can be to have full responsibility for something, as a ceo, leading a large project or even taking tough decisions in the family. I have also learned how much relief and perspectives it offers to have quality conversations with someone who offers stability and a safe, non-judgemental space and understands my position, yet challenges my perspectives.
Jane Allen (English)
I am an Amara Thinking Space Partner because I love listening  into the layers of the ways we are. I see that senior leaders have so many looking to them to be different colours of perfection, and at times, it can be a lonely place. I can bring my experience, compassion and  my ability to understand the issues quickly and  how they impact personally. Having a Thinking Space Partner is an easy way for senior people to gain access  to real credible help. Help from someone who isn’t caught up in their personal or work life yet who can understand, listen and give relevant feedback in a sensitive way. 

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