Amara Keynote at OXYGEN

Heidi Gutekunst will give a keynote about Conscious Entrepreneurship at Oxygen 2019 Open Space Technology event.
November 20, 2019 - November 20, 2019
40€ -100€

Heidi Gutekunst will hold a Keynote at The Next Oxygen2050 Event.

The event will dive into the subject how Entrepreneurs change the world. The event looks into solutions to global challenges instead of problems, we will discover tools to invite commercial finance to impact and gather stories of entrepreneurs that work on the challenges through their business.

The next Oxygen2050 event investigates:

  • Regenerative business – planet positive business
  • Financing transformative business
  • Conscious Entrepreneurship – Heal yourself, heal the world
  • Oxygen2050 does not arrange typical sit-and-listen conferences. We want to promote open discussions, so the event will be held as an unconference.

Attend and gain clarity on your personal cause and purpose, the positive impact you will have on the society and the planet through business. Let’s get that financed!

The Keynote

Heidi Gutekunst, Initiator and co-founder of Amara Collaboration, will give a keynote about Conscious Entrepreneurship at the Oxygen2050 event.

She will talk about her own and Amara’s journey, about the joy and the challenge and values and reality, in becoming a global consultancy and organisation.

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9 AM – 5 PM


40 € - 100 €

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