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​​Organizational and Conversational Action Logics – Open House


This call follows on from a successful and well-attended webinar we held in July that stimulated considerable interest.

The purpose of this call is to:

  • Inform all who are interested about recent and future developments
  • To bring the community of inquiry into a next stage in it’s life.


The session to cover the following:

Part I: The application of the OAL / CAL theory.  There will be a link to Action Inquiry – 1st, 2nd, 3rdPerson Inquiry, some current case examples of applying the approach and sharing more about our story and perspectives.


Part II: Invitation to and constitution of a developing Community of Inquiry

We will be supporting the development of circles of inquiry around the areas of interest this work arouses with  ‘Open House’ zooms for sharing at intervals. There is scope for many inquiries and at the moment there are two areas emerging:


The conversations

Many of us are interested in the ideas and how they connect to other approaches for instance and how this aligns coherently with the GLP as an individual, 1stperson focus and the potential for integrating 1st, 2nd, 3rdperson inquiry.


The development of the body of work

The next steps this work needs is to field test in practice the model developed by Ian Harcus, share the experiences in a community of inquiry in order to refine the methods for engagement. Whilst, for some of us, there may not be the immediate readiness or opportunity for practical applications the development of practice is an exciting possibility.


The principles of a community of practice are that the community develops itself – our small initiating group of four is happy to continue to hold a container for what might emerge.

We would love to know the following:

  • Would you like to join our next call? Please sign up here
  • Would you like to become more involved in the guiding and curating work with us?
  • You are unable to join us and want to stay informed



Alexander Chenet, Kirstin Irving, Jane Allen & Ian Harcus