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Transformational Leadership Capacity: the missing link in leadership and in these extraordinary uncertain and complex times,  Singapore, 3-days in the second part of October, 2017


These are times of unprecedented change in business and world politics.

Are you ready to take a step forward in your leadership? Is your environment requiring increased capacity to manage and navigate in times of stress and uncertainty? Is there scope for you to be more creative requiring more ability to step into multiple stakeholder perspectives? Where is the joy of seeing and acting on more transforming opportunities?  

Do you feel the effects of the growing complexity and uncertainty on your tasks, work environment, and life? Is it increasingly turbulent, unsettling and difficult to stay on top or in control and plan ahead? Do you feel we have lost touch with the human qualities in business?

If you answer ‘yes’ to one or several of these questions, this three-day intensive in the latter part of October will be for you. REGISTER HERE or contact us to get more detailed information. 

If you are curious and maybe unsure, why don’t you come and meet us and test the water in our FREE WEBINAR on March 9th and April 18th. Register to the webinars here: March 9th 5pm Singapore time, 9am London time March 9th 3pm London time and March 9th 7pm London time and April 18th 5pm Singapore time/9am London time,  3pm London time or 7pm London time.


The workshop is for people who are intrigued to explore and understand a different approach whilst engaging in quality conversations. It will take the parallel perspectives of personal and group leadership that have the potential to impact on us deeply and in turn on the organisations and communities we care about most.

In this workshop you will:

  • Explore the theoretical framework demonstrating the mind shifts that make a difference
  • Practice the skills and test the value of action inquiry
  • Work with a diverse and experienced facilitator team and participants employing creative methods
  • Set a development path for growing your own leadership maturity
  • Open a gateway for other forms of ‘vertical development’



Wednesday, Day 1, 1pm – 8pm

  • What is transformational capacity and how to develop it?
  • Action Inquiry as a framework for plotting the journey for development
  • Vertical and horizontal development
  • The Global Leadership Profile and the Action Logics; a developmental way in which we interpret and navigate in the world

Thursday, Day 2, 8am – 9pm

  • Holding multiple perspectives: me, we and the world; 1st, 2nd and 3rd person inquiry.
  • Surfacing the changes and shifts in your leadership that would make the most impact
  • The relationships, conversations and culture that help or hinder transformations
  • Different ways of using power in business

Friday, Day 3, 8am – 2pm

  • Introducing Open Space
  • Engaging more deeply in self managed groups the issues that matter most
  • Create a pathway for individual ‘s next steps towards developing transformational capacity



Studies show serious talent management challenges ahead as the business environment is volatile and increasingly uncertain and complex. CEOs worldwide identify that a different approach is required to succeed in the future, but few are sure about how to approach it.

Amara co-founder Professor William (Bill) Torbert with 40 years of research in Harvard, Yale and Boston College. This shows that only a minority of leaders demonstrate a consistent capacity to innovate and to successfully transform their organisations. PWCs research of 2015 illustrates that those leaders have developed deep mental, emotional and relational capacities to lead complex, systemic change.


Traditional leadership development focuses on competence development and developing skills – What we know. The emerging trend in leadership development (so-called vertical development) focuses on capacity development and mindset transformation –How we know.


People who develop these capacities perform better across mission-critical domains such as:

  • Leading transformational change and inspiring vision
  • Thinking strategically, systemically and contextually
  • Solving conflicts and reframing challenges
  • Building relationships, collaborating and making mutual decisions
  • Dealing with uncertainty and creating innovative solutions
  • Facilitating learning for themselves and others; learning to learn
  • Reaching integrity between wishes, actions and results


Do you aspire to be one of those people? Come and meet us and explore for yourself in our FREE WEBINAR on March 9th or April 18th! 



Reflections from the Amara Intro Workshop from Amara Collaboration on Vimeo.




Heidi Gutekunst
Alevtina Kraseninnikova


15000SGD with early-bird discount to 1200SGD if paid before 6 weeks before the intensive.

This fee includes all meals, material and the fee for the programme.

Venue: TBD

For further inquiries, Alevtina, info@alevtinakraseninnikova.com +65 91637040 Heidi, heidi@amara.fi or +358 40 514 7353

Workshop limited to 20 participants

We do not want the price for this workshop to be the showstopper for people who are very interested in attending. If you are interested in a scholarship, please contact Alevtina and/or Heidi.