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Explore the relationship to Eros, Power
and Inquiry to unleash creativity
Stockholm, September 25, 2016

Much is made of the need for introducing Wholeness and developmental maturity into our workplaces and leadership. But what about the proverbial elephant in the room – namely the feelings that swirl around all things erotic – the true, primal human energy of creativity?

Our workshop is a space of inquiry for senior leaders, consultants to explore how we bring Eros and Leadership together in a way that serves our mission and purpose. Eros lives in each of us and in the collective space of organizational life. We will explore our own relationship to Eros, Power and Inquiry discovering the places where this energy can be creatively unleashed. For which we must also look to the shadows. We then can take the (sublimated!) energy, (Eros/Power), to next stage organizing (“Teal”) as our wellspring of creativity, innovation and joy. Even at the workplace!

Expect structured experiential exercises, small group and plenary dialogues. We bring rigorous focus to facilitating a “safe container” so that authentic interactivity may arise. For more detailed information and references, visit: http://www.erospowerjourney.com/workshops.html

The workshop is hosted by Amara’s chair Jane Allen and Jan Artem Henriksson from Ekskäret Klustret, where the workshop will be held. Address: Mäster Samuelsgatan 36, Stockholm.

“The EROS POWER workshop started a deep journey within. The feminine and masculine EROS power dynamics fascinate me, and the workshop brought to the surface that this area holds so many answers for me – professional and private. It created a deep longing in me for stepping into a world with more depth, more passion, more healing. – Hanne Lindblad, CEO, Denmark.”

For further inquiries or to register for the workshop, contact Heidi Gutekunst +358 40 514 753, heidi@amara.fi



Dana Carman
Heidi Gutekunst
Bill Torbert
Hilary Bradbury