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Transformation starts with you.

If you want to change your organisation, you must start within.

If you are a leader, you have surely wondered sometimes: “Why is it so hard to change the way I act/my team collaborates/my organisation operates/the humanity makes sense of things/*insert whatever you’re struggling to change here*?” You don’t need to be the Bill Gates or Greta Thunberg kind of a leader either to encounter these troubles. Change is hard! Even if it’s just about changing how you and your team members greet each other in the morning. Make no mistake, even the biggest changes start with small steps. The small (yet sometimes scary) first step to take, is to look in the mirror and ask yourself some serious questions: “What kind of a leader am I?”, “What kind of impact do I want to have in this world?” or “How can I best use my strengths and qualities to have a positive impact on myself, on the people around me and on my organisation?”

Ok, we admit, taking a quick look in the mirror might be a small step but asking those big questions (and finding any kind of satisfying answers to them) might actually be huge. But it’s ok, we got you! We know that individual development as a leader is crucial, there’s no question about that. We also know that it can feel like a daunting task and finding the first (or next) step is not always easy. That’s why we’re here, to help you dig deeper in your transformative leadership capacity.

Let’s play a little game… Have you recently:

  • Felt that there’s too much information, too much change and too much uncertainty, to know what to focus on?
  • Felt frustrated about your efforts not having the impact you wished to have?
  • Struggled to connect with and motivate your team members to work on your shared vision?
  • Not been quite sure what you vision is in the first place?

If your answer to any of these is yes, you would surely benefit from understanding where you stand on your leadership development journey. That’s the first step – the look in the mirror – and we can help you do that with either a Global Leadership Profile or a The Leadership Circle 360 assessment. After you know where you stand, finding the steps forward is the next challenge. In that, our experienced coaches are ready to help you notice what is important, timely, effective and impactful. If you’d like to know where you stand and find new paths forward, our end of the year offer is perfect for you!

Your preferred leadership assessment and two coaching sessions

Special price 1250 € (+ VAT if applicable) until the end of the year! (normal price 1380-1500€)

This unique package is for you, if you want to set a clear direction for your leadership development and start a significant journey towards reaching your goals. Choose one of two popular and impactful leadership assessments – the Global Leadership Profile or The Leadership Circle 360 – and give yourself the privilege of two developmental coaching sessions with one of our experienced executive coaches!

  • Learn to understand where you stand on your leadership development journey by choosing one of two popular and impactful leadership assessments: the Global Leadership Profile or The Leadership Circle 360.
  • Dig deep to your assessment results in a debrief session with your coach.
  • Work with your coach in two coaching sessions: identify your goals, strengths and points of development, and identify small but impactful changes to make in your day-to-day life.

After completing this coaching package, you’ll have deeper understanding about your developmental stage and more clarity about your goals and what to focus on going forward. You’ll be equipped with actionable tools for your further development as a leader and as an individual.

“One of the great impacts coaching has had on me is finding the courage to let go. I’ve noticed that by doing much less, I can often get more done. I would not have had the courage to change this without Heidi. She encouraged me when I was hesitant about making a radical change in my life.” 

— Topi Jokinen
CEO of Vertia Oy
I’m ready!
This unique package is for you, if you want to set a clear direction for your leadership development start a significant journey towards reaching your goals. The offer is valid only until the end of the year, buy now and save up to 250 € !

…or not? That’s ok. Maybe some of these pointers will help you decide wether of not this path if yours to take:

This package is for you if…

  • You don’t have the time to commit to a big leadership development programme right now, but could use some support.
  • You are not quite sure if coaching is for you. With this package you can just dip in your toes and try what coaching has to offer.
  • Feel that leadership assessments are scary and cold. And you’re right, without a professional by your side they can be! In this programme we’ll take care of you every step of the way, and provide all that warmth and support you need to get the most out of the process.
  • You know in the back of your mind that there are better ways to do things, to connect with people, to empower change in yourself and others.

This package is not for you if…

  • You believe you were born ready and no development is needed or possible.
  • You believe the world will stay the same and as long as you keep doing what you did before, everything will go well.
  • You simply can’t invest about six hours of your time for your own development in the upcoming six months or so.
  • You already have a coach who you love working with but would like to do one of the assessments. That can be arranged too, if you wish. Drop us a line to and let her know which assessment you’d like to do!
What about
your team?
Do you think your whole team would benefit from leadership assessments and coaching? Write to us to and describe your team and situation shortly. We’ll get back with an even better team price, and a process tailored to your team’s needs!

Our team at your service!

Heidi Gutekunst, executive coach
Heidi works as a developmental executive leadership coach, facilitator and consultant for individuals, teams and organisations. She has gained broad experience in leadership as business during her 10+ years in senior leader roles, as well as through her chairing role in two advisory boards. Heidi’s ability to notice the underlying structures and dynamics combined with her energetic yet grounded presence gives her the unique ability to turn creative solutions and soft skills to measurable financial performance.
Jane Allen, executive coach
Jane’s coaching and consulting experience spans over 20 years, with a special interest in large organisational change and associated development for their leaders to support this work. She has worked internationally with the development of senior leaders, on becoming more effective while balancing success measures with integrity for themselves, their employees and customers. In recent years she has become more sought after as a supervisor of consultants as they take on large and complex projects.
Lisa Markwick, executive coach
Lisa is an experienced leadership psychologist, coach and mentor to senior executives, with a penchant for organisations and people exploring their place in this bigger system. Until early 2020, as Executive Director of a New Zealand national charity, she led the organisation towards a fresh vision, at a time when major transition was invited.
Johan Mellerup Traekjaer, executive coach
Johan has a diverse background ranging from academia to military and security work. He has been exploring the space between science, spirituality and human development in various ways, mixing formal education, consultation and executive coaching with retreats deep inside the wildest places on the planet. Johan’s primary interest is the interplay between human consciousness, biological systems and physics.
Ute Bock, executive coach
Ute is an independent consultant, where she combines analytical skills and her experience with the human element in situations of risk with her passion for social dynamics. As a coach she uses her expertise and high quality standards to facilitate people’s development by building on their capabilities and insights, so they are well equipped to operate in turbulent conditions and to reinforce continuous change.
Alevtina Kraseninnikova, executive coach
Alevtina is a leadership development coach and consultant, working with for profit and non-profit leaders to embrace transformational change and inspiring vision; think strategically, systemically and contextually; and build relationships, collaborating across diversity while engaging in mutual decision-making in organisations they lead and in the lives they live. She is a passionate supporter of lifelong learning and has held management and senior leadership positions for nearly two decades in the mining and commodities trading industries.
Maria Lehto, your contact point and programme manager
Maria will be your first contact point, guiding you through the GLP or 360 assessment and connecting you with one of our coaches for debrief and the coaching sessions. While she might occasionally take some time off during the day for a walk in the forest next to her home, she’s there for you in anything you might need and will get back to you shortly, with her full attention and presence. Maria’s email is