Leadership in self-organising, keynote with Bill Torbert and Frederic Laloux

In this talk from the Amara Adventure conference in Helsinki, Finland back in 2015, Bill Torbert and Frederic Laloux discuss leadership in the context of self-organising and Teal organisations. The questions discussed were raised by the participants of the conference, touching on themes of wholeness, fear, letting go, role modelling, feedback and listening.

Conversations about reinventing organisations and leadership in self-organising

In this video from 2015, Amara’s CEO Heidi Gutekunst interviews Frederic Laloux and Bill Torbert about reinventing organisations, the concept of wholeness and the leadership maturity required to be able to lead or initiate a self-organising culture. The talk is part of our Amara Adventure conference that was organised in Helsinki, Finland in September 2015.

What Does Street Smart Awareness Mean?

In this video Jane Allen, Co-founder of Amara Collaboration tells what it means to her to be a Street Smart person and a leader in this busy and more and more complex world. These thoughts are widely shared in the book Street Smart Awareness and Inquiry-in-Action by Jane Allen, Heidi Gutekunst and Bill Torbert read … Continued

Why Street Smart Awareness and Inquiry-In-Action was Created?

In this video Amara Collaboration founder Heidi Gutekunst explains why the Street Smart Awareness and Inquiry-in- Action was created. In Amara the theory of Action Inquiry is the base of our work, but often times we are asked “what do i do when i’m at home or go to work on Monday, how do I … Continued

What Is an Action Logic?

We often talk about action logics so here is a brief intro by Bill Torbert of what it is. An ‘action logic’ is the way we make meaning of ourselves, our relationships and the wider context which then determines our behaviour in both business and everyday life. The Global Leadership Profile (GLP) is both a … Continued