“While we can’t predict the future, we can transform ourselves and our organizations to effectively meet it”
Bill Torbert
“A journey of transformation is one of challenge, adventure, collaboration and discovery in the service of fulfilling our work in the world and organisational purpose. We need to cultivate the art of simultaneously being totally present whilst also visioning a future to better steer a true and stable course with skills and agility through unpredictable times.”
Jane Allen
“To successfully transform ourselves and our organisations, let’s rediscover our natural sense for inquiry, curiosity and adventure and develop the capacity for inquiry-in-action to navigating the turbulent, complex and uncertain business environment we are facing.”
Heidi Gutekunst
Life is asking for each one of us to show up for our lives in a way that honors the legacy of those who came before, whilst being a living demonstration of what it is to live a life of service.
Dana Carman

We live at a time when environmental change, social complexity and political disruption is accelerating exponentially. There is no aspect of our interconnected world that is left untouched by this wave.

Amara’s premise is that for an enterprise to survive and succeed in an environment of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, [VUCA] every assumption about what success means and how to achieve it needs to be revisited and re-formed.

This process of organisational reinvention requires courageous leaders who realize the imperative to simultaneously invest in developing themselves and also the wider enterprise, so they are a match for the extraordinary challenges we face in every industry and sector of society.

Amara Collaboration was founded as a powerful and heartfelt response to our current life conditions, globally.

The mission of Amara Collaboration is to double the number of leaders with the capacity to lead large-scale transformational initiatives. Our most robust and effective way of delivering value to leaders and organizations is through our flagship program: The Amara Journey.

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“A ship is always safe at the shore, but that is not what it’s built for.” – John A. Shedd

Are you a Company ready to invest in your leadership in this grounded and creative way?

If so we are looking for 6 organisations that:

  • Want to shift significantly a current challenge or project that needs leverage, something you are facing in the next 3-5 years and is critical for success and survival in the future.
  • Want to contribute to society beyond conventional success
  • Recognises the value of learning from others drawing on the best exemplars from all disciplines.
  • Are willing to invest in a long-term breakthrough project that has the potential to have a profound impact on the future direction and success of the enterprise and its stakeholders.

We are also inviting consultants to participate alongside their client organisation. We are looking for people who:

  • Are accomplished external or internal consultants and change agents who seek maximum impact with your client organisation
  • Acknowledge that a joint developmental journey will accelerate their progress and strengthen their work with client and their challenges.

The outcome will be that all will gain the perspective of others outside the system providing an over-vision and a deeply enriching learning experience.

The Amara Journey offers participating organisations: 

  • A year’s programme for 3-4 of your most talented leaders – those with the capacity to develop and move mountains if only they have the headspace and opportunity to work together to leverage change
  • A bridge between the programme and work on a significant project for the organisation – you will decide the project and co-design it with the group attending the programme
  • A rich diversity of experiences from people working in other sectors and cultures. This will provide an opportunity to see across other organisations, sectors and worldviews. This cross sector collaboration will be an important resource for bringing new perspectives to your organisational initiative
  • A reliable and validated measure of participant’s leadership development, pre and post program
  • An action research project that, if published with your permission, will name your company as a sponsor
  • Scope to influence the programme as advisors in a model of collaboration and mutual power.
  • The potential to share the learning for those not attending through regular feedback, shared and accessible materials, insights and learning

Who are the Individuals best suited for this Programme? 

We recommend choosing a diverse team from your leadership, for maximum diversity (including role, function and status) of perspective and impact. This combination is more effective than any individual working alone. These will be people who:

  • Are highly engaged and motivated – the kind of people who would “jump” at this opportunity
  • Operate at a senior level with the power, role and influence to impact the entire organisation
  • Are highly gifted and may be unusual or post-conventional
  • Are emerging senior leaders, representing key organisational interests and perspectives
  • Are servant leaders, that are ambitious for the “whole”
  • Are keen to work in a team and with the rigour of giving and receiving quality feedback in the service of development

“My grandfather, Bertel, sailed from Finland to India, passing Cape Horn almost 100 years ago. He navigated by the stars, sensing the weather and reading the people – constantly adapting as called for. It required a strong physical body, a developed intellect, emotional capacity and openness to learn and grow in each moment. Striving through several days of storms, waves as high as 4 story buildings, he ensured he rested for moments when he wasn’t literally holding onto his life. 

His stories make me think of today’s business world, how uncertain the weather is, how we have lost the ability to navigate with the stars – sensing and adapting in the complex and unpredictable business and political environment.

In this programme we will develop the capacity to navigate uncertain weathers and explore the unconquered shores that are required for transforming ourselves and our most cared for organisations.”          

Heidi Gutekunst

The Retreats will be held in magical Iceland

The three retreats will be held in Heraldsskolinn, in the heart of The Golden Circle, about one hour away from Reykjavik.

“From the moment I first landed in Iceland in 2016 I could feel the magic, mystery and pride of this extraordinary place. If true wealth is access to nature and culture then we would be hard pressed to find a wealthier place than Iceland. From the northern lights, amazing geysers and waterfalls to the spirit of transformation and innovation that has the government crowdsourcing the writing of the constitution, to the Icelandic parliament being 50% women. Iceland is independent, wild and vibrantly alive. We invite you to join us in this magical place on our inaugural Amara Journey!”

Dana Carman




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Several recent studies show serious talent management challenges ahead as the business environment is volatile and increasingly uncertain and complex. Many CEOs worldwide know that a different approach is required to succeed in the future, but few are sure about how to approach it. The majority of companies have not even taken the first step to transform.

One of Amara’s founders is Professor William (Bill) Torbert. During 40 years of research in Harvard, Yale and Boston College, he has shown that only a minority of leaders demonstrate a consistent capacity to innovate and to successfully transform their organisations. PWCs research of 2015 illustrates that those leaders have developed deep mental, emotional and relational capacities to lead complex, systemic change.

Traditional leadership development focuses on competence development and developing skills – What we know. The emerging trend in leadership development, so-called vertical development, focuses on capacity development and mindset transformation –How we know.

With vertical development, leaders perform better across mission-critical domains such as:

  • Leading transformational change and inspiring vision
  • Thinking strategically, systemically and contextually
  • Reframing challenges and resolving conflicts
  • Building relationships, collaborating and making mutual decisions
  • Managing uncertainty and creating innovative solutions for business as usual
  • Facilitating learning for themselves and others
  • Reaching integrity between intentions, actions and results

Organisational benefits:

  • A measurable and observable development in the leadership maturity and capacity of three to four top leaders
  • A breakthrough in the chosen important organisational initiative that demonstrates a new way of working and returns at least double the financial investment and opportunity cost of the business investment in the Amara Journey
  • An upfront commitment to bringing the new leadership practices back to the organisation in ways that widely enriches it’s capability, and deepens the participant’s learning by translating what was learned in the Amara Journey

Jane Allen
Dana Carman
Heidi Gutekunst