Amara establishing Associates: Co-founder Irena moves into and Nick Owen joins as Associate Partners

Our vision at Amara Collaboration is to double the number of leaders with transformational capacities worldwide. To support this we are making some changes to our organisational structure in order to foster the broadest collaboration with partners from different countries. For example, we are now developing a ‘Network of Associate Partners’ as we find more and more people eager to collaborate with Amara. Irena Pranskeviciute, one of Amara’s co-founders, has moved into the Associate Partners role to expand this new territory and to develop our relationship with our partners.

“I am moving from the core business group due to family reasons – my passion to be part of the growing Amara team is only burning more. I am happy to be able to test on my skin the new role and to be even more open for various forms of collaboration within Amara’s structure. I truly believe that companies in the future will explore innovative ways of organizing their business activities, reflecting different individual needs and the priorities of their partners. The traditional role of employer-employee, owner-developer, investor-producer, seller-buyer is shifting towards something new – more collaborative, more self-organized and even more inclusive. ” – Irena Pranskeviciute

“Thank you Irena for bringing your wit and wisdom to the foundation year for Amara and hope your family enjoy seeing more of you. We are so pleased you are placing your attention on innovative models of organizing and collaborating thus inspiring and nurturing new projects in Lithuania and the Baltics. We are lucky to continue to have your amazing presence in the co-founder’s group stewarding and steering progress with our vision. I also welcome Nick Owen our new Associate to join us after working with us for some months now – your creative and brilliant skills so enrich our work.” – Jane Allen