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Action Inquiry and GLP workshop 2018

What are Amara workshops like? See how the participants experienced the Action Inquiry and Global Leadership Profile workshop in Helsinki 2018.

Free GLP Webinar

Join us on May 25th at 6pm CET/UTC+2 to learn more about the Action Inquiry, the Action Logics in the GLP -online workshop and two practitioners who have engaged in it.


Amara has translated its successful GLP workshop and process to the online environment. You no longer need to travel to join it, you can do it from the comfort of your home while still being engaged and supported in the experiential learning Amara is famous for.

What is Transforming Leadership Capacity and How Do You Develop It? Join Amara’s free Transformational Leadership Webinar on Tuesday, July 7th at 9am CET to learn about the Action Logics, Action Inquiry and hear form a practitioner who is deploying GLP and Action Inquiry in their work.

This is first Module in June 1st -14th, 2020 focuses on developing transforming leadership through the lenses of Action Inquiry and the GLP. It is offering you tools and methods to accelerate your development.