There is no action without inquiry and no inquiry without action

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Transformational Leadership – Action Inquiry, action-logics and the GLP

Amara’s approach to developing Transformational Leadership is creating a learning process, moving between the three perspectives: I, we, it or as we call it 1st, 2nd and 3rd person perspective. Collaborating with Amara or attending event facilitated by us, will support you in your personal leadership development and your ability to facilitate organisational transformation, grounded in the theory of adult cognitive development.

“While we can’t predict the future, we can transform ourselves and our organisations to effectively meet it” – Bill Torbert

Several studies show serious talent management challenges CEOs  worldwide  has  long  known  that a different approach is required to succeed in the future, but few are sure about how to approach it.  The majority of  companies have not even taken the first step to transform and develop the capacity needed to strive, thrive and innovate in difficult, uncertain times, such as the one we are facing right now due to the Covid-19 virus.

One of Amara’s founders is  Professor  Emeritus William (Bill)  Torbert. During 45 years of research in Harvard, Yale and Boston College, he has shown that only 5-10% of leaders demonstrate a consistent capacity to innovate and successfully transform their teams and organisations. These leaders have developed deep mental, emotional and relational capacities that help them make sense of and lead complex, systemic change – this journey is what you will learn about and develop for yourself and for using in service of your own environment when attending these modules.

Read more about the GLP in the HBR article ”Seven Transformations of Leadership”, that became one of the most-read articles on leadership in HBR’s history and continues to get hundreds of reads each week according to Research Gate. Amara is one of three organisations worldwide that certifies people to use the GLP as a tool.

Action Inquiry is to date the only approach statistically reliable generating both personal and organizational transformation. The facilitators of this programme have developed mastery of Action Inquiry, both through having used it themselves in leadership positions in organisations, as consultants in large, successful organisational transformation programmes and in their personal development for decades.


Seven Transformations of Leadership is an article by Amara’s Co-Founder Bill Torbert in the Harvard Business Review that lead Heidi Gutekunst into founding Amara Collaboration together with Bill and Jane Allen. Developmental Action Inquiry and the GLP are still the base and key frameworks that Amara Collaboration uses today to increase the amount of transformational … Continued

The Global Leadership Profile (GLP) is a both a self-assessment procedure and a professionally-scored profile tool that identifies a person’s developmental leadership action-logic. Each of us is enacting our life at work and at home through a certain characteristic way of interacting and inquiring with others.

What are Amara workshops like? See how the participants experienced the Action Inquiry and Global Leadership Profile workshop in Helsinki 2018.