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​​Webinar: Theory and Practice of Organisational Transformations, July 2nd, 2018

90-minute webinar on Monday 2nd July at 11:00 am Eastern time, 8:00 West Coast, 16:00 UK and 17:00 European time


Hosted by Jane Allen with Alexander Chenet, Ian Harcus, and Kirstin Irving

There’s another aspect of developmental theory beyond individual action logics that Bill Torbert has turned usefully towards the focus on transforming organisations.  This framework points to organisational action-logics and is introduced in Bill’s Action Inquiry book, but has so far been much less well known, understood or used.

Ian Harcus, has developed this work on the stages of organisations’ development in his new ‘book-in-the-making’ that aims to change all that. It offers to help leaders find more effective ways to challenge and stimulate their organisations by inquiring more deeply about its overall ‘meaning-making’ stages. It also has the potential to offer leaders, coaches, consultants and their clients a new set of options for focussing their attention on the leadership capabilities required in practice.
We will be:

  • Introducing and exploring Bill Torbert’s model of organisational action-logics
  • Sharing the story of our own collaborative inquiry over the past 16 months in relation to this body of work
  • Inviting further participation of those who are interested in future collaboration and inquiry in relation to organisational transformation using this approach

To register for the Webinar:

Please simply email: kirstin@changetools.co.uk Pre-reading and orientation material and dial in details will be sent by return.
If you have any questions do contact: jane@amara.fi