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​​STREET SMART AWARENESS AND INQUIRY-IN-ACTION, Through the lenses of toxic and health use of power and feminine and masculine leadership, Helsinki Friday, April 6th 2018

“Street Smart leaders are highly aware in any situation, and intuitively know how to succeed in difficult working environments. They take personal responsibility and seek to act in ways that cultivate a sustainable world—both now and in the future.”


There are plenty of theories about the kind of leadership capacity needed to effectively deal with the fast changing, complex and ambiguous environment we face in our work lives today.

It sounds fine and understandable in theory, but is often followed by the question: “What can I do at my office, at home, every day – when we are in our busy and sometimes chaotic environments?”

This question inspired us to gather and publish practical applications that likely to support transformation – practices that you can do by yourself, with others and in your organization. These may be found in our newly launched book ‘Street Smart Awareness and Inquiry-in-Action’.

In this workshop we will share our overall approach and guide you through a number of Street Smart practices that you will be able to bring into your everyday life and business.

Amina Knowlan, from Boulder, Colorado will facilitate an afternoon session introducing Matrix Leadership: the concept and practice of forming teams, groups and organizations as interconnected, adaptive, living systems.

During the day we will examine unilateral and mutual, feminine and masculine power in the following context:

  • Intra-personal – our private space
  • Relational – the spaces between us, and
  • Organisational and systems we occupy


Why have chosen the lenses of feminine and masculine power lenses because we are in the midst of redefining feminine and masculine power in society, in business and in leadership. One of the ingredients for healthier conversations about how women and men relate, (e.g. #metoo), is through paying attention to and shifting how we use power.

We believe in rather than closing our eyes and pretend that these issues don’t concern us, we might take the time and effort to look beyond the immediate and below the surface to create new thinking about the big questions of our society for now and the future.

“Fresh, innovative thinking is the most valuable commodity of this time to succeed in the future” Jessica Uhl, Global CFO, Shell


This session is for anyone interested and open to developing their own personal leadership, whatever their formal role or coaching others in their leadership development.


You learn and experience:

  • The basics of Inquiry-in-Action, a leadership approach statistically confirmed to generate transformation on personal and organizational level
  • Why Street Smart is a powerful metaphor in today’s world
  • Street Smart practices that you can bring to your work and life
  • Greater depth of appreciation of both feminine and masculine leadership power
  • And introduction to the Matrix Leadership, the practices and potential of this powerful approach
  • A fun, energising and inspiring day with a great people



Through this link or by contacting Heidi Gutekunst heidi@amara.fi +358 40 514 7353



Our recommended fee for the day is 230 € + VAT for people paying through a company and 150 € (including VAT) for private people. If you want to join but the price is a showstopper, we encourage you to suggest how much you want to pay to Heidi by email: heidi@amara.f

The fee includes the workshop and refreshments, but not lunch.

The workshop will be held in the centre of Helsinki.

For further inquiries or to register for the workshop, contact Heidi Gutekunst +358 40 514 753heidi@amara.fi


Jane Allen
Heidi Gutekunst
Amina Knowloan

More information about Street Smart Awareness and Inquiry-in-Action

The third author of the book, William R. Torbert, is Leadership Professor Emeritus at Boston College. Bill’s leadership article “Seven Transformations of Leadership” was selected as the “10 best ever” by Harvard Business Review. He is also the father of the Global Leadership Profile (GLP).

The practices in the book are brought together by 18 transformational leaders from 10 countries, sharing the practices they use in their personal life on a regular basis and have found impactful.


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