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Exercising action inquiry and mutual power:
Using the GLP for leaders’ development
Stockholm, September 22–24, 2016

Amara Collaboration, with it’s co-founder and author of the Global Leadership Profile Bill Torbert, and The Scandinavian Center for Organizational Psychology, with Anders Risling, join together to offer this unique 3-day workshop for business leaders, consultants, coaches and researchers, who wish to further their personal development and learn about the power and practice of Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry. This is an approach that is statistically reliable generating both personal and organizational transformation. All participants complete the GLP and receive feedback on their centre-of-gravity, emergent, and fallback leadership action logic.

Joining the workshop enables those who wish to take this further to become authorized to use the GLP within their organization or with their clients. One can do so by supervised practice of using the GLP with Jane Allen or Bill Torbert. Once certified, you will become part of a growing community of practice to support this dimension of the work.

This event offers a programme that blends the what, why and how of transformational leadership development, including:

  1. The theory and practice of Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry (CDAI)
  2. The assessment and deepest appreciation of leaders’ predominant action-logics – their implications, qualities and shadows
  3. The ongoing practice of Action Inquiry and the richness this brings at the personal, team and organizational scales
  4. A current organizational case from the Scandinavian context


At the workshop you will be exercising active listening and leadership, moving among peers in a community of inquiry, receiving direct feedback about your leadership impact, and thereby learning together practical ways to help yourself and others:

  • Master current leadership action-logics
  • Become conscious of the shifts in individual habits
  • Exercise personal power and collaborative practice with greater mutuality
  • Build capacity to lead from the inside out using single-, double- and triple-loop feedback


Bill Torbert
Jane Allen
Heidi Gutekunst
Anders Risling
Christian Bodén


The workshop will be held in Bergendal conference hotel, which is located in the stunning archipelago, only 20 minutes from Stockholm and Arlanda airport. More information at: http://www.bergendal.se/


Thursday, September 22 nd , 10am–
Saturday, September 24 th , – 4pm
Optional evening sessions: Thursday and Friday.

Pre-requisite to workshop Read Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership by Bill Torbert and Associates


3300 € (+VAT, if applicable) with early-bird discount to 3000 € (+VAT, if applicable) if paid before June 30th , 2016.

This fee includes taking the Global Leadership Profile (value 750 €) and receiving a full report and debriefing conversation with one of the facilitation team prior to the workshop, lodging in double rooms, meals, and the programme. Please contact us for a possibility of single rooms.

For further inquiries or to register for the workshop, contact Anders Risling: +46 70 600 6487, info@cop.nu, Christian Bodén +46 70 772 1502, info@cop.nu or Heidi Gutekunst +358 40 514 753, heidi@amara.fi

Further information about Scandinavian Center for Organizational Psychology at cop.nu
and Amara Collaboration at amara.fi